Who is ruling volleyball world? Which countries are TOP 5? Volleyball is over 120 years old, and since its development over the years, it could not have been better as witnessed during the previous Rio Olympics in Brazil. Here is our list of countries.

Now you can bet on volley, and to view the way the leading countries have been competing against one another, following are the results of the top five volleyball nations in key global competitions. Probably, Americans may be having a different opinion while the people of China might be having something different, but the truth is; the history of volley in Brazil is highly impressive. You can also visit the Ladbrokes to learn more about the game.

1. Brazil

Brazil never won its initial Olympic medal which was silver until 1984. That is two years following its initial World Championship medal which was also silver. From that time, Brazilians have been ruling. They possess 10 Olympic indoor medals which is the second position to the former Soviet Union and nine World Championship indoor medals just behind Soviet Union/Russia. The country also won the world-best 17 World Grand Prix and 18 FIVB World League medals.

Brazil even dominates more on the beach. Overall, it has won thirteen Olympic medals, and by far it has the most medals in World Championship which is 15 over the second-place nation. Besides, it owns many records to be counted on the FIVB World Tour. The hosting country secured three out of four disciplines in Rio. That is; men indoor gold, mean beach gold and women beach silver. However, amazingly to some people, the haul was a letdown

2. United States

There has also been the key American squabble for volleyball supremacy due to the reason that: the country has acquired six beach gold awards within six Olympics as compared to three that Brazil won. However, after that, there is nothing big to say about the U.S. volleyball program.

Indoors, the women in the U.S. were leading in the global rankings at Rio where they left with bronze. They have not won an Olympic gold medal before apart from two bronzes and three silvers. The indoor men in the U.S. have three Olympic golds, tied for the initial time with the Soviet Union and Brazil. The men within the U.S. likewise have two bronze medals, making their entire Olympic medal as position three. Americans have been able to win only Bronze in Rio with the indoor men and women coming; third, as did April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings on the beach.

3. China

Solely, China earns its place on this catalog from the power of women. Chinese men have yet to win a medal at a major global competition. So far, the country’s women have obtained five world indoor medals, six Olympic indoor awards, four beach world medals, and two beach volleyball Olympic medals. Those numbers place them in position five for every competition. The indoor women obtained their Rio their third Olympic gold; the tally that trails just the Soviet Union.

4. Russia

Russia has incurred small effect in beach volleyball which is merely one World Championship medal although the men’s pair turned out as position four in Rio but as for some time been a force indoors. The counts of medals are skewed since Russia gets credit for several medals taken by the previous Soviet Union. However, Russia was part of the big USSR.

Before it was dissolved, the Soviet Union won 12 Olympic volleyball medals which is the leading overall. Russia has six particular medals in the previous six games. However, the best position of Russia in Rio was fourth by men’s indoor group. That is after U.S. won with the bronze-medal and became fourth position for the beach duo of Konstantin Semenov and Viacheslav Krasilnikov.

5. Germany

Germany takes the fifth position due to its rising on the beach. German men acquired the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball gold while women topped the Rio podium. In both moments, the German duos defeated Brazilians in the final Olympics. More so, Germans have acquired five beach World Championship medals trailing behind U.S. and Brazil in the entire count.

Indoors, just East Germany gathered Olympic medals. That is men’s silver in 1972, and women’s silver in 1980. However, the East German/German men acquired two World Championship medals; most recently is the 2014 bronze while women gathered two World Grand Prix medals. Neither the indoor women or men qualified for Rio.