Dinamo Moscow could not find the way to stop Trento in final game of Champions League. Trento showed one more time who is the best team. Belchatow beat Bled in the third place match 3:1.




Trentino BetClic – Dinamo Moscow (25:12, 25:20, 25:21) MVP: Matey Kaziyski
Trentino started with big leading 7:1. Poltavskiy couldn’t finish attack. Salparov showed fantastic digging game. Russian spiker get a little bit angry and started to play better. Vissotto attacked strongly and then he lost his service. Kaziyski made ace. With the result 13:6 for Trentino, it was a time out for Moscow. Dinamo had problems with block. On the second technical time Italians was leading 16:7! Young Markin changed Berezhko. Jakovlev came in instead of Poltavskiy. Markin attacked block-out. Dante made a mistake from pipe. Osmany Juantorena made a lot of services in a row and Serie A team won first part 25:12.

Second set began with ace of Biralelli. Vissotto did the same. After service of Andrea Sala, Poltavsky spiked. On the technical time it was 8:4 for Trentino. Players of both teams spiked very strongly. Kaziyski made a mistake on block, but he attacked successfully. Grankin made nice action with Volkov. Leading of Italians was not huge – 11:9. Dante got more balls. After a lot of mistakes, Dinamo lost 11:16. Juantorena was blocked for the first time. Sivozelez spiked. Vissotto didn’t finish his attack, but it was huge distance anyway (21:15 for Trentino). It was long action won by Jakovlev’s attack. Trentino BetClic won also this set 25:20.

Grankin came back to court. But Trentino quickly made a distance 5:1. On the first technical time it was 8:3. After that Kaziyski made ace. Juantorena was still keeping good efficiency in attack. Russians seemed to lost their hope, Italians were playing consequently. Dante spiked on service. Stoychev took time out, however his team had safety lead 14:8. Juantorena was blocked again. 16:11 for Trentino BetClic on the second technical time. Sala blocked Jakovlev. After Kaziyski’s spike it was 20:12. It was like the end of everything. Lukasz Zygadlo had no problems with setting. Finally Trentino BetClic won third set 25:21 whole match 3:0 and it gave to Italians second Champion Cup in a row. Trento showed once more that they are the best club in the world.

trento CHL 2010 

Skra Belchatow – ACH Volley Bled 3:1 (25:16, 22:25, 31:29, 25:20)
Skra started better, leading 4:1. Belchatow did good at block. Plinski spiked and Wlazly made a misktake on a service. Bled lost 4:8 on the first technical time. Head coach of guests was very angry and shouted at his players. Winiarski spiked on pipe. Antiga did not have his day, as well as in meeting with Dinamo. Bled’s coach asked for time out. It was very long action won by ACH. Skra was keeping distance from their rivals. Kurek came in for Antiga. Venno was blocked. Falasca gave balls to his middle blockers. Plinski scored service ace. Kurek was playing a bit better than Antiga. Without big emotions Skra won this part 25:16. 

In the second set Stephane Antiga came back  on court. Bled increased their game and got better result on the first technical time.  Antiga didn’t receive service. Winiarski started to get more poinst for his team. Skra made a few mistakes. Wlazly was blocked after long action. Jacek Nawrocki took a break, because Skra were losing 10:13. Belchatow made some points and we had another time out, this time for Volley Bled. After Antiga’s attack it was 13:13. Ace by player of Bled gave the second technical time. Wlazly was Skra’s main spiker again. Kurek changed Antiga again. Venno appeard on a court. Guest made good block on Mariusz Wlazly and Nawrocki used second time out. Kurek attack on block-out. ACH didn’t loose chance to win this set and that’s what they did.

Both teams starterd this part with a few mistakes. ACH Volley Bled had some good blocks and they lead 6:4. Bartek Kurek stayed on a court instead of Stephane Antiga. Jakopin was the best spiker in guest’s team. After technical time Winiarski gave fantastic attack. Kurek was playing well. After Winiarski spike it was 10:10. After few minutes Bled made a little distance again. They were playing effectively in defense (block and dig) and result was 14:16. Mariusz Wlazly’s service made some troubles to Bled. Kurek let Skra Belchatow to lead 18:17 and guest’s coach took a time out. Skra got two more points. Antiga came in to serve. Skra didn’t use over 4 set balls and Bled had some chances to finish this part. Finally, Mariusz Wlazly made ace and spiked and those elements decided third set.

In the beginning of set 4 Skra got 4 points and Bled only 1. Skra had safe distance. Kurek and Winiarski helped Wlazly, which was leader in Skra attack. ACH Volley Bled didn’t give up. They attacked and served strongly, but polish team still had some more points. Ace servise of Mariusz Wlazly gave Skra 15 point. Vidic came in. For the second technical time it was 16:11 for hosts. Bartek Kurek got point on service. Head coach of ACH asked for time out. Players showed some technical game. Mariusz Wlazly spiked again. Winiarski made a mistake on a service. Mozdzonek attacek successfuly (23:16). Finally Skra won 25:20 and polish team got bronze medal of Indesit Champions League Lodz 2010.

belchatow CHL 2010