Russian team confirmed it’s resignations from the next edition of Champions League. One of Polish clubs also gave away their right to participate in the European Cup competition.



The main reason is the lack of a suitable playing hall said General Director of Ural Ufa, Anton Lednyov in an interview. Another factor might be a loss of the major part of the team. Vissotto, Falasca, Abramov, Verbov – these are just some of the names leaving Ural Ufa.

The Russian Federation sent to the CEV application for participation in the Champions League 2013/14 for the Russian champions Lokomotiv Novosibirsk and the bronze medalist, Zenit Kazan

Also Polish team, Delecta Bydgoszcz, put their resign on the table of CEV. In their case, it is about CEV Cup. The fourth team of PlusLiga rebelled against a kind of treatment Poland is getting from CEV. The president of Delecta Bydgoszcz explained the situation.

Many times, delegates of CEV have check our hall very rigorously and they have been looking for some failure that was not there. They have made our work quite difficult. On the other hand, when we were on the foreign country, the situation was different. Sometimes, hosts couldn’t provide the basics (like a decent hotel or the security during the game) and in that case, CEV didn’t seem to bother – said Piotr Sienko.

Delecta hopes other teams will speak out too and they won’t be the only one protesting. It would be good to know opinions of other teams, so we do not have to make too much guessing and betting on the participants of CEV Cups. For now it seems like Skra Belchatow will take their place in CEV Cup.