Will Brent Crouch be able to take USC volleyball team where it belongs? Will the colleague allow him to get the proper volleyball equipment to fulfill his goals? Read on and find out!

The USC volleyball club announced they’ll bring in Brent Crouch as the new main volleyball coach and there are already two sides forming. Crouch comes from the University of Portland volleyball team where he did a very good job but will that be enough for him to keep going in the same style at USC volleyball?

Replacing an Icon for USC

Coach Crouch is replacing Mick Haley who, according to the official announcement simply did not return to the volleyball club after no less than 17 seasons in which he won 2 national championships with the team he prepared. Haley recently declared in an interview that he thinks he was forced of going out the volleyball team and the main factor for that is his age. As a joke, he said he can still juggle with a volleyball ball if he wanted to.

Sure, Crouch was coaching Portland starting 2014 with a team that had no wins the entire season that he managed to shape into a team with 16 wins to 15 defeats record in the 2015 season. And the following season he, somehow, managed to do even better to increase that record to a 17-13. But does he have what it takes to coach at USC? If you’re going to stand by Haley’s statement, the guys over there are quite demanding and won’t stop at nothing to replace you if the work you’re doing is not enough. It’s just like in an online casino DK, you win some and then you lose some.

Joining the Team in a Good Moment

Crouch picked quite a good moment to take over USC as they finished the 2017 season with quite a few achievements and a list of goals that were almost entirely completed. They are qualified in the NCAA national championship from the number 10 spot and they managed to go as far as the volleyball Regional Final. Unfortunately for the USC, Florida turned out to be too strong of an opponent as they lost 5 sets to nil. But with a record of 25-10 the last season, everything looks great for now and there’s certainly room for improvement. The pressure on Crouch’s shoulders is quite a thing even though we’re talking colleague volleyball but everyone knows how serious these volleyball competitions are and how these universities are the seeds for the next big volleyball players in the national team. It’s not true only in the volleyball movies, you know.

Crouch Looks Like the Man for the Job

Recently turned 43, Crouch has 4 seasons that he spent as head coach of the beach volleyball team and as assistant at St. Mary’s for three years starting with 2010. When referring to international quests and duties, Crouch has been an assistant with the US Collegiate National team and even worked with the beach and indoor teams in the High-Performance USA programs. So, he has been around famous volleyball players before which can be a great advantage for him. Another big advantage for taking part in such programs is that he knows what is the best volleyball equipment for his players.


As he stated in an interview after he was announced as head coach of the volleyball team, the USC has a top-tier program and academic institution that has the benefit of being situated right in the middle of the best volleyball world-wide, both beach and indoor volleyball.  He seemed eager to get on campus to meet the team and the newly signed players and he also declared that it’s a great time for the USC to get their spot in the volleyball Final Four and even beyond that.

With that kind of energy and attitude, Crouch may be able to pull of some really remarkable results at UFC but only time will tell.