The FIVB is considering the use of a TV-friendly coloured Volleyball court in international tournaments to distinguish attack and defence zones.



FIVB examines TV-friendly coloured Volleyball court to distinguish attack & defence zones. The coloured Volleyball court was tested in the Italian Men’s League with the “in or out” ball-detector system “Sports Moles”.The move would help players, courtside fans and television viewers better differentiate between the three-metre attack zones and the areas behind the three-metre line.

coloured courtThe Italian Men’s League has already developed a court which not only distinguishes the different zones but also displays the colours of the Italian flag. This special court was used for the first time in the Italian All-Star Game last November, with the attack zones white and the defence zones green and red.

After a careful analysis of the TV images provided by SKY Italia and the Italian League, FIVB Television and New Media Commission President Peter Diamond said, “We believe that the attack zones on both sides of the net should be a dull white, while the defence zones behind the three-metre line within the court should be powder blue. The area around the court should be a dull green for the best TV look. This will provide the best highlighting of each zone and all the colours are television friendly”.

The FIVB has also received a presentation of a system that detects whether the ball has landed “in” or “out”. The system, called “Sports Moles”, transmits this information to the first referee and the judges table to help the referee´s decision-making. The Sports Moles system has been part of the Italian Men´s League Serie A matches for more than a year. It introduces a border running around the court in a contrasting colour to the main court colours and white lines to clearly distinguish the area of detection.

from FIVB