The majority of sporting events have been completely postponed or cancelled since the end of March, for some approaching and surpassing three months – we’re seeing many start to return throughout Europe as football and racing are already back underway with motorsport set to follow shortly. The US is facing the other side of the coin, however, as with protests and ongoing issues with the coronavirus many sporting events are still further delayed within the country, with currently only NASCAR and combat sports through the UFC taking place on a wider scale. 

This really opens the door for volleyball to be the sport that really kicks things off, the latest confirmation from any major sport event has been within the NBA which was announced for the end of July, still over a month away – although USA Volleyball had cancelled all national qualifiers and postponed the girls 18s Junior Championship from May until June, that date is quickly approaching, if this date in June is adhered to then it will be the first to get underway.

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There are still some challenges to overcome, however, as some teams have stated that they won’t return to training or competition until social distancing measures are lifted and safety can be ensured – this may be a difficult challenge to overcome as some experts have suggested that many of these measures could be around for the longer term, but change is happening extremely quickly and as such anything said now could quickly become old news in just a week or two.

If you are looking for something to watch in the meantime whilst volleyball is still on a hiatus, as mentioned many events across Europe are starting to get underway too – the favourite being football which has many of the major events in Europe getting started around the same time as the Premier League in the UK gets started this week. The return of these sports will no doubt help a struggling betting scene which has underwent a number of changes, from the introduction of a credit card ban for bettors to the Gamstop initiative which is aimed at reducing participation options for problem gamblers, many operators have decided to register outside of the UK and as such there’s plenty of premier league betting not on gamstop available to players wherever they may be playing from.

Despite the delay, if volleyball is able to return in a timely manner it could be a catalyst for increasing viewership by a large margin – without any other mainstream sports to contend with the game may have its time in the spotlight whilst others continue to struggle and also my become a guiding example for other sports to follow if a transition can be handled smoothly with success it may spur others to do the same using a similar strategy for success – either way this is exciting news for fans to get behind, and until an announcement stating otherwise it’s safe to assume everything is set to go ahead as planned.