Two tie-breaks in Pool A on the third day of WCH 2010. Italy lost the first set in the tournament, needed five sets to beat Iran. Japan better than Egypt.




Japan – Egypt

The Egyptian team needed only two sets to get to the second round of this year’s World Championship. Japan had to win to save any chance to stay in the tournament. This explains how determinated the japanese players were. Both preconditions has been accomplished. The first two sets were really close. After a long fight (34:32 and 25:23) both have won the players from Africa. So they achieved their goal. Japan was in difficult situation. From this point everything has changed. Asian players were more efficient in attack and service and easily won next two sets. It seemed like Egypt gave up but nothing more wrong. Tie-break was fascinating. Both teams were ambicious and wanted to win. Finally it was Japan that made it. Although the match was very interesting, either Japan and Egypt made many errors (37 Egypt, 38 Japan). The best scorers in Japan were Fukuzawa and Shimizu, in Egypt the most efficient was Abdelhay.

Japan – Egypt 3:2 (32:34, 23:25, 25:19, 25:17, 15:13)

Japan: Abe 1, Matsumoto 4, Yamamura 7, Shimizu 26, Fukuzawa 24, Ishijima 4, Sakai (L) and Tomimatsu 5, Koshikawa, Yoneyama, Imamura.
Egypt: Youssef 10, Ahmed 3, Abdelhay 23, Ahmed Abdel 8, Atia 6, Badawy 16, Alaydy (L) and Abouelhassan, El Kotb 1, Afifi, Abd El Kader.

Italy – Iran

Before tonight’s match the Italian team, after two victories, had guaranteed a promotion to the next round. The only question mark was which place they will take in Pool A and in which group they will be in the next stage. ‘To be or not to be’ for Japan depended on the result of this match. Italy had to win to send Iran home. Everybody expected quick and easy game won by Italy, that did not lose a set in this tournament. But winning did not prove as easy as everyone thought. Two first sets showed Italy efficient in attack, as they were in previous games. They have beaten Iran easily 25:21 and 25:10. In the next set they sterted making errors. Iran took advantage and won it 21:25. The fourth set was very close. The Italian lead has been reduced in the end and this part of the game finished with the result 28:26 for Iran. The match ‘restarted’. In tie-break ‘Azzurri’ played better and they could celebrate the third victory in WCH 2010. Top scorers in Italy were Savani and Sala, among the Iranians the best match played Mousavi Eraghi and Zarini.

Italy – Iran 3:2 (25:21, 25:10, 21:25, 26:28, 15:13)

Italy: Mastrangelo (3), Vermiglio (3), Savani (16), Fei (9), Sala (18), Cernic (13), Marra (L) and Lasko (12), Travica, Birarelli (1) i Zaytsev (1).
Iran: Marouflakrani (3), Mousavi Eraghi (15), Zarini (15), Nadi (6), Keshavarzi, Mohammad (14), Alizadeh (L) and Andalib (3), Nazari Afshar (12), Mahdavi, Bakhsheshi i Kamalvand.