Leg 3 in Pool A goes according to plan. Argentina and Poland win in straight sets, while Australia grabs set from Serbia.



wchm 2014 - cmr-arg over

Cameroon: Mbutgnam, Wounembaina (7), Dolegombai (7), Mboulet Ndaki (2), Kody Bitjaa, Kofane Boyomo (5), Fossi (L) and Karl Adeke, Moussa (1), Feughouo (14), Nongni Zanguim (1), Nyabeye
Argentina: Uriarte, Conte (13), Solé (3), Gonzalez (15), Filardi (6), Ramos (6), Closter (L) and Darraidou (2), De Cecco, Crer (5), Toro

Start of game was close surprisingly (7-8). Higher experience by Argentina, good block by outside hitter Javier Filardi and stronge serves by opposite Jose Luis Gonzalez gave advantage (12-16). He added also some strong spikes and Cameroon had nothing to say. Their opposite Jean Patrice Mboulet was so ineffective. Spike by middle Martin Ramos ends set (17-25).

Albicelestes started second set quite unfocused and had to pursue opponent (3-0, 6-6, 7-8). Argentina under guidance of setter Nicolas Uriarte took over control, while Cameroon made errors (10-13). Strong serves and good performance by wing-spikers gave advantage (12-17), but it was almost lost thanks to brilliant digs by Cameroon (16-18). It was regained after few actions, set was ended with kill by outside hitter Facundo Conte (18-25).

Last set started with similar performance – strong serve by Argentina and reception problems by Cameroon (4-6). African team changed opposite, David Feughouo appeared on court and game became a bit tougher for Argentina (8-8, 15-15, 21-20). Good serves by middle Pablo Crer and mistake in key moment gave 3rd set for team coach by Julio Velasco.

wchm 2014 - srb-aus over

Serbia: Jovovic, N.Kovacevic (20), Podrascanin (13), Atanasijevic (17), Nikic (12), Stankovic (3), Rosic (L) and Lisinac (4), U.Kovacevic (4), Ivovic (1), Petkovic
Australia: Sukochev (1), White (11), Zingel (13), Edgar (8), Smith (4), Mote (5), Perry (L) (1) and Carroll (12), Peacock, Douglas-Powell (5), Roberts

Effective game by middle Aidan Zingel and opposite Thomas Edgar gave Cangaroos advantage at start (4-7). Serbs thanks to combinative sets by Nikola Jovovic came back to game so quickly (10-10). Good performance by Australia helped them to get a lead (15-16, 16-19), but tactics with all balls to Edgar had a result in simplifying game too much. Serbs used their chance and stopped opponent (25-23).

Good spikes by opposite Aleksandar Atanasijevic and middle Marko Podrascanin gave Serbia a quick adantage (7-5, 10-6). Later outside hitter Nikola Kovacevic took leading role and Serbia kept advantage (16-11). Australia didn’t want to give up what opposite Paul Carroll proved on serve (18-16). Serbs coached by Igor Kolakovic controlled game aand won set (25-22).

Coach of Cangaroos Jon Uriarte tried many substitutions and combinations in line-up, but team couldn’t stop Kovacevic and Atanasijevic. Changes by Australia finally paid off, they achieved a few points advantage (8-12). Serbian game collapsed and Australia kept distance (10-15, 18-23). End of set became closer, because Serbs used counterattacks, but it was too late (22-25).

Serbs dominated in last set, and they got advantage from scratch (8-5). Cangaroos got exhausted and couldn’t find a remedy for strong hitting Serbs (16-11). End of the set belonged to Kolakovic’s team (25-17).

wchm 2014 - pol-ven over

Poland: Drzyzga (1), Winiarski (1), Nowakowski (8), Wlazły (11), Mika (7), Kłos (4), Zatorski (L) and Kubiak (9), Konarski (1), Możdżonek (4), Buszek (7)
Venezuela: Carrasco (2), Montoya (7), Cedeno (2), Pinerua (11), Gonzalez (1), Chourio (6), Mata (L) and Paez, Gomez (2), Contreras (1), Escobar, Salerno (1)

Match started with few serve errors stopped by middle Piotr Nowakowski, who was driving force of team at start. Smart spike by outside hitter Mateusz Mika gave first TTO (8-5). Opposite Mariusz Wlazły joined with strong spikes and Poland had significant lead before 2nd TTO (16-11). Poles controlled game and coach Stephane Antiga gave chance for outside hitter Michał Kubiak. Wlazły ends set with a killl (25-20).

Mika and Kubiak started 2nd set effectively (3-0). The only threat by Venezuela was their opposite Kervin Pinerua, but team can’t win with only one reliable hitter (8-3). Venezuelans wanted to play more technically instead of hitting hard what only gave more comfort for Poles (13-6). Host controlled situation, so Antiga entered also outside hitter Rafał Buszek and middle Marcin Możdżonek and Poland didn’t lose advantage (19-11). Subs showed that they aren’t worse than starters and quickly ended set (25-13).

Venezuela didn’t get a chance also in last set. Good saves by libero Paweł Zatorski and blocks by Kubiak and Możdżonek gave safe advantage (7-3). What Venezuelans worked out on court they spoilt it on serve (12-7). Meanwhile Wlazły and Buszek killed ball by ball (16-8). Good contribution by middles gave extra points (22-10). Nothing could help South American team and they lost game (25-14).


Rank Team Win/Loss Sets Ratio Points Ratio Points
1. Poland 3/0 MAX 1.406 9
2. Argentina 2/1 2.333 1.103 6
3. Serbia 2/1 1.200 1.004 6
4. Australia 1/2 0.666 0.969 3
5. Venezuela 1/2 0.428 0.883 3
6. Cameroon 0/3 0.111 0.792 0


Photo and infographics: FIVB