In Pool I, in Hong Kong we have matches with victories of favourites. Turkey defeated Argentina 3-1 and Czech Republic had no chances against China, 3-0.



TURKEY – ARGENTINA 3-1 (25-17 25-14 34-36 25-18)
Line-ups and scores:
Turkey: Aydemir (3), Tokatioglu (22), Toksoy (14), Uslupehlivan (18), Önal Pasaoglu (16), Kalac (4), Karadayi (L) and Sonsirma (1), Darnel (3), Karakoyun
Argentina: Castiglione (6), Nizetich (14), Sosa (13), Fresco (17), Pinedo (3), Aispurua (2), Gaido (L) and Rizzo, Boscacci (4), Busquets (7)

I wanted to write, that match was totally without history, but astonishing end of third set changed my mind. Turkish players controlled game without difficulties in first set by series of spikes and strong block. Start of the second part was a bit surprising and players were surprised by good performance of Argentinian players. Good impact on team had again middle-blocker Emilce Sosa. After 11-8 for Argentina started collapse, Turkish players took enterprise and won set 25-14. Third set again was surprising, Argentians led 22-18 and then lost 5 points in a row, thanks to this we have thrilling end. During one action, Turkish opposite Polen Uslupehlivan jumped into opponent’s court and setter Yael Castiglione felt pain in ankle, fortunately she didn’t get injured. Last set was without any emotions, Turkey quick took advantage and won game 3-1. MVP of game can be named outside hitter Seda Tokatioglu.

CHINA – CZECH REPUBLIC 3-0 (25-14 25-17 25-13)
Line-ups and scores:  
China: J.S.Shen, R.Q.Hui (11), J.J.Yang (9), C.L.Zeng (17), N.Yin (8), Y.L.Xu (15), D.N.Shan (L) and T.Zhu, N.Wang
Czech Republic: Vincourova, Mlejnkova (5), Plchotova, Havlickova (15), Kossanyiova, Monzoni (8), Jasova (L) and Dostalova, Vanzurova (5), Kubinova (1), Pastulova (2), Hodanova

This game was quick show of strength by Chinese team. Lang Ping used definitely other line-up than last weekend in Macau, only setter Jingsi Shen was starter from that team. Using other team definitely didn’t change the quality of Chinese game, moreover their reception was better and setter could play more combinative. Main links of China were middle blocker Yunli Xu and opposite Chunlei Zeng. On the other side of net, Czech players struggled especially in reception. Only opposite Aneta Havlickova and middle blocker Michaela Monzoni played a bit better than other players. Outside hitter Andrea Kossanyiova didn’t show nothing. Czech’s coach Carlo Parisi was again frustrated as in last play against Dominican Republic.