Volleyball has been around for close to two centuries. It became internationally famous when it started as an Olympic sport in 1924. While volleyball is prevalent in the Olympics, there aren’t as many professional leagues in volleyball compared with other more popular games. Nevertheless, there is a consistent interest in volleyball, especially in the USA, Brazil, and Russia. Fans of the sport can follow many tournaments if they are interested in betting. These days, finding a bookmaker for volleyball is commonplace. You can read the post here for bookmakers specialising in offering odds for sports like volleyball. There are major events around the world like the Olympics and the FIVB World Cup where online sports bookmakers provide a variety of betting odds for fans.

Worldwide volleyball events

The popularity of volleyball around the world continues to increase. Here is some background to exciting sports events where volleyball fans can watch and place their bets.

  • FIVB World Championships. This tournament, which began in 1949, is one of the most prestigious events in volleyball. Many countries participate in the game, but Russia has always dominated in both the male and female events.
  • Summer Olympics. Arguably the most prominent sports events around the world, the Summer Olympics occur every four years. It is a source of national pride where the best players of each country compete as the entire world watches.
  • World League. This tournament is another prestigious event in the world of professional volleyball.

Despite the growing popularity of volleyball, fans of the sport around the world are at a disadvantage because volleyball is not as widely celebrated. As such, there are not as many odds available year-round. Sports bookmakers wait for seasonal and significant events to offer bets.

How to bet on volleyball

Like other sports, there are a variety of ways a volleyball fan can place wagers on the competition.

  • Match betting.This betting option is simple and straightforward, based on predicting the match winner. Bookmakers offer odds either in decimal or fractional format. Sometimes, there are lucrative payouts if you bet on the underdog. Before betting on odds, look at what the bookmaker offers and check if there is any chance of winning big money.
  • Point spread. In a point spread wager, the winning team should win against the spread to get money out of it. For example, the point spread is 45. The team that wins should win by 45 points or more for the bet to win as well. There are a few who prefer this betting strategy because even if they bet on the losing team, the winning team only wins by matching or exceeding the point spread.
  • Point totals. This strategy focuses on the points garnered by each side during the match. It doesn’t matter who wins the game, but rather the total points scored.
  • Set betting. As the name suggests, the outcome of each set determines the wager.

These are considered the most common strategies. Nevertheless, it depends on the bookmaker if there are other wagers or betting options offered to entice fans to place bets.

Image: Pixabay.com