Volleyball is a global sport with countries from all over the world competing at various levels. From high-level international competitions like the Olympics to domestic leagues in Europe to universities in the United States, there are a lot of options for volleyball betting.

Due to the number of matches played on a regular basis, bookmakers provide exciting markets to punters seeking to wager on the sport. While volleyball is on hiatus currently, fans can turn their attention to football as the season resumes around Europe. The bet bonuses offered on RF365 provide punters with the chance to enhance their betting on matches coming up this weekend.

Punters are attracted to volleyball betting because the sport runs all year round. Unlike other sports like the NFL, Premier League, NBA, or NHL, there is really no offseason as club and international tournaments are always taking place.

What markets are available for volleyball betting?

Bookmakers offer bettors a variety of volleyball betting markets. These markets offer you the chance to earn profits but like any sports betting, you must do your homework first. The volleyball season will return soon and punters can wager on matches from across the world. Punters can use the PA Lottery bonus code to wager on the games before the first serve is made and bet on the teams they predict will win.


The moneyline bet is the easiest wager to make in volleyball betting. In fact, it is the simplest bet to make in nearly all sports. When making a moneyline bet, you simply wager on the team you believe will win the game. If they do, then the bet wins.

Total Sets

When making a totals bet, you predict whether the number of sets in a match will be more or less than a given figure offered by the sportsbook. For example, your sportsbook may offer 3.5 sets as the total number and you must select over or under that figure. There is flexibility in a totals bet and the outcome isn’t determined by which team wins the match.


When one of the two teams competing in a match is considered a heavy favourite, sportsbooks offer handicap betting as it “levels” the playing field. In volleyball betting, the sportsbook will provide a handicap on the sets a team wins by. For example, if the United States plays Brazil and has a handicap of –2.5, a bet on the US will only win if the team is victorious in straight sets. A handicap bet is seen as attractive to punters because a bet on the opposite team can be successful even if they lose the game. If you bet on Brazil at +2.5 and they win or lose the match while still claiming at least one set, the bet is successful.

The moneyline, total sets, and handicap bets are simple, yet effective volleyball bets. Whether you are a beginner or experienced volleyball bettor, these are basic ways to bet on the sport.