The United States Supreme Court recently decided in favor of sports betting, effectively striking down a federal law from decades ago that banned sports betting in the United States. This decision confers legitimacy or a legal status to the wagers on amateur and professional sports games estimated to be worth $150 billion. What does this mean to volleyball? What effects can it possibly impose on the sport? How will this influence enthusiasm over volleyball?

New Way to Enjoy Volleyball

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States does not exactly have a major specific impact on volleyball. However, it at least creates one other way to enjoy the sport: through sports betting.

Sports betting is not a new idea among volleyball fans. It is already enjoyed by gambling enthusiasts in many parts of the world. It is one of the offerings of gambling sites. What makes the recent Supreme Court ruling by the US Supreme Court exciting, though, is that it makes sports betting legal in the United States. With it, you can now consider sportsbooks or sports betting sites as additional options to enjoy volleyball.

Volleyball is one of the staple sports in sports betting websites, along with basketball and football. You will unlikely run out of volleyball games to place bets on. There are numerous sports bettingsites you can sign up with and start enjoying volleyball games while gambling at the same time.

For Volley Country, perhaps it’s a good time to consider adding a section for volleyball sports betting. New information, tips, insights, and resources can be added to help those who want to try sports betting and succeed with it.

Better Tie-ups and Getting Rid of Illegal Practices

The recent Supreme Court ruling favoring sports betting is creating quite an effect on the sports industry. At the very least, the immediate effects have led to welcome developments such as tie-ups and efforts to address illegal practices.

NCAA, for one, has forged a partnership with Genius Sports. This is a ten-year data and technology partnership that entails the centralization of the NCAA’s data collection. This is expected to pave the way for better ways for the monetization of NCAA data. This partnership covers over 1,100 member institutions that will benefit from a modernized intercollegiate sports data collection and distribution system.

On the other hand, the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) revealed plans to address illegal practices in the field of esports betting in light of the recent US Supreme Court decision on sports betting. GLMS has decided to become a member of the Esports Integrity Coalition.

These don’t necessarily create a direct impact on volleyball and their effects may not be easily noticed by volleyball fans frequenting Volley Country. However, these are bound to create indirect ways to improve the way fans enjoy volleyball. Now, it’s not just going to be about supporting teams and players. There’s also the possibility of betting and winning, with bonuses like Bitstarz Bonus Code making it all the more attractive.