Volleyball’s popularity continues to grow. According to NCVA, there are 800 million people who play volleyball around the world. That is a tremendous number and due to the large base of players, matches are played in a variety of professional, semi-pro, and amateur leagues year-round. As the game has grown in stature, so has volleyball betting and more punters have begun following the sport thanks to the high volume of matches. Volleyball punters can find tips, bet bonuses, and the latest betting offers at We Are Bettors before wagering on the top domestic and international matches.

Bookmakers have increased their offers to volleyball-loving punters in recent years. The demand from bettors has continued to increase and bookmakers have worked hard to deliver exciting markets. If you haven’t had a punt on a volleyball match yet, or are new to the sport, then what are you waiting for? Here are 5 reasons to wager on the game of serves and spikes.

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  1. A large volume of matches

Volleyball is one of the rare sports that is played in all corners of the globe. It is also enjoyed by both men’s and women’s teams at a variety of levels from amateur to professional, club, and international. Due to the large volume of matches, there is always something to wager on. Volleyball punters looking for a bet bonus and tips for the latest sports events, can visit this German site before wagering with their favourite sportsbook.

  1. A different type of sport

Volleyball is a unique sport in terms of rules and the way it is played. This translates into it being unique for sports bettors as well. The fact that it can be played year-round is one popular reason to bet on it. Volleyball has international, club, and high-level universities that compete in leagues and tournaments. Unlike some other sports, there just isn’t the variety for bettors.

  1. Growth in popularity

The sport continues to grow and as stated previously 800 million people play the game. It isn’t just the playing popularity that has increased, but the watching of it too. With more fans watching volleyball and being fans, the growth in betting has also increased. To keep up with the growth, sportsbooks now offer more markets on more games than ever before.

  1. Lack of coverage

A lack of volleyball coverage may not seem like a good thing, but if you are a hardcore fan turned punter, then it is actually a great thing. The less a bookmaker knows about the teams and leagues, the better off you are when placing a bet. Your knowledge can lead to big wins as you outsmart the sportsbook.

  1. Easy to follow

If you have never watched a volleyball game before, it is easy to sit down and view a match with little knowledge and understand the rules. That is the beauty of volleyball as it takes little time to understand the game. The ease in which it is to understand makes it possible to bet on volleyball without having a variety of rules that must be learned such as in rugby, cricket, or the NFL.

Volleyball has events throughout the year with odds of great interest to punters of all types. For anyone looking for a niche sport to bet on or sport to specialize in, then volleyball is it.