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Volleyball is a very popular sport both indoor and outdoor. In The summer, we all love to go to the beach and sunbathe ourselves. Some of us put on a net and bring a ball to start playing Volleyball. Almost everyone will come to take part in the game and it soon becomes the key attraction in the beach. Why is that?

Probably because we are a fan of sport from our bones, or because Volleyball sparks a sense of thrill in our mind and heart. It could be anything. While we cannot say what causes our minds to love Volleyball, we can certainly say what effects it has on our body. Before moving into the detailed discussion about the benefits of volleyball, you can check out these if you’re into online betting.

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So without further ado, let’s have a look at the benefits of playing Volleyball.

Makes Your Body Agile

Volleyball players are required to perform a lot of actions like serve, pass, attack, set and block. These actions require full coordination of your mind and body. There is a high demand for technical and physical skills to get in speed with the quick pace and sudden change of Volleyball.

The game requires your body to act agile and balanced. You may not start as naturally agile and coordinated, but overtime with playing Volleyball, your body will cope up.

Improves Overall Health

Volleyball requires your body to act fast physically. This requires your heart to pump more blood as fast as possible. It will make your heart rate rise. Your heart will pump more blood and with that more nutrients to the full body, thus, improving your full health.

Builds Muscle and Increases Strength

Volleyball makes you agile and mentally intuitive. It also improves your physical strength by building muscles in your chest core, arms, biceps, thigh and any limb that is related to playing Volleyball. Playing Volleyball is like going through a full session at the gym. Actions like passing, serving etc. mimic the movements of squat, sit down etc.

Improves Hand and Eye Coordination

Playing Volleyball requires you to see the ball first and then move your body and hands towards the ball. This happens by your eye sending the information to the brain and your brain sending it to your body and hand.

The more you play Volleyball, the more frequent this action will become. Over time your body will adapt to perform this action faster and thus, your eye and hand coordination will improve in both speed and effectiveness.

Burns Fat and Calories

One of the obvious benefits is the loss of extra fat in your body. Playing Volleyball requires your body to move and generate physical efforts. This causes your heart to pump more rapidly and increase metabolism. These internal actions in the body will cause more calories to burn and ultimately you will lose fat. We all know the high consequences of obesity. Playing Volleyball can save you from that nightmare of being fat.


These were some of the reasons why playing Volleyball is a good exercise. There are other benefits like boosting your mood and shaping your body. The point is that playing Volleyball has more benefits for our body than we can imagine. So, we recommend you to participate in this wonderful sport whenever you get the opportunity.