This game abounded in long actions, mistakes and twists. Five sets of emotions gave one point to Poland and another victory to Brazil.

I set

The very first point was scored by Eder in the middle of the net. Mozdzonek defeated Mario with service and scored an ace. On the first TTO Poland was a leader (8:5). Hosts played a lot with the middle. Vissotto helped his team in attack. Brazilians blocked their opponents a few times and they got close (11:9). Bartman and Eder both made a mistakes on service. Bernardo Rezende took a break for his team. Lucas took an impressive strike from the middle, but Poles were able to keep their safe distance until the result 16:16. Kubiak made up for his mistake on the wing. The tie was holding on and Bartman won a long action for Poland. This first part was very energetic and emotional, but all in all – Brazilia made it through as a winner.

II set

Another part woke up Brazilians and they went ahead really quickly (4:7). Anastasi tried stop this bad luck, but Vissotto kept on his great efficiency. This lost set cost Poles a lot – they couldn’t find their good game and on the second TTO we had a big distance – 16:9. That difference was reduced a little (18:19), but it was not enough – Brazil took it’s chance and scored another set.

III set

In the third set Brazil once again took a lead from the beginning. Nowakowski blocked Brazilian player and he gave a tie in the game. A minute later, Bartman was blocked in return. Canarinhos were not doing very well on service, but it was all made up for them on the wing. The result was changing in a minute. Both teams could gain and lost their leverage. Santos scored an ace. A while after, Poles worked out their leading thanks to block and Michal Ruciak added an ace on top of it (20:17). Brazil got closed in the end, but they made a lot of mistakes along the way. Poland stayed at the game.

IV set

Poland earned some more points at the beginning and they were leading 8:5 on the first technical time out. Brazilians continued doing more and more mistakes. Frankly, it was a big store of points for Poland, so they could still fight for a victory (11:6, 16:10). Michal Winiarski and Bartman were strongly supporting their team on service and attack. Nowakowski reminded Mario of his skills. Brazil scored three times in a row. Mozdzonek gave a set ball to Polish team and tie break was about to come.

V set

This time Brazil took a lead (3:6). They kept it till the change of sides (5:8). Despite of a huge number of mistakes, Brazil still was able to beat their rivals. In the end they escaped from Poles and it was all they needed – Brazil won 15:10 and added two points to the ranking.

Poland – Brazil 2:3 (26:28, 22:25, 25:23, 25:20, 10:15)