Who will see the final day of EuroVolley 2013? Bart Grab and Andrzej Hyla won our World League prediction game. They are going to Denmark!


100 games have been played in World League 2013. Our top predictors gained 288 points. There has been great fight until the end of prediction game. At the end we have two winners.

World League 2013 prediction game winners

1Bart Grab2882.8810030
1Andrzej Hyla2882.8810030
2Martin Lepic2822.8210032
3Piotr Kondraciuk2762.889630
4Anna Worach2702.879424
5Silvia Carnevale2692.839524
6Samuel Wong2682.919226
7Przemek Wróblewski2642.759624
8Marek Jagła2622.739620
9Sergio Povelato2522.938623
10Anja Schloms2502.669421

5 winners & the prizes.
Bart Grab & Andrzej Hyla – 1 ticket each to final day of EuroVolley 2013
Martin Lepic – Mikasa MVA 200
Piotr Kondraciuk – DVD Functional exercises in modern volleyball
Anna Worach – eBook The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Volleyball

Congratulations to all the winners.

Get ready for our EuroVolley 2013 prediction game!