The best Korean player, Kim Yeong-Konug (OH/OPP) can be banned from playing in upcoming club season by Korean Volley Association.



Yesterday, president of KVA announced that they won’t issue ITC (permission for playing in clubs) for Kim this year. Case is more complicated because of Life Heungkuk (foremer Kim’s club) and KOVO (pro league federation). Kim is conflicted with Heungkuk since last year.

Kim was drafted (allocated by draft) to Heungkuk in 2005. According to KOVO’s rules player has to play 6 years before becoming a free agent. Kim played there 4 years and till 2009. Later she had been playing as rental player in Japanese V-League (JT Marvellous) for 2 years, what makes 6 years. From 2011 Yeon-Koung Kim is player of Fenerbahce Istanbul. She would play also in Turkey in upcoming season, but here Heungkuk and KOVO are appearing. Club claims that she belongs to them and KOVO didn’t let her play.

2nd July, Kim is categorized as the player arbitrarily withdrawn by KOVO (pro league federation), and they announced that she can not play neither domestic nor abroad anywhere never. And Heungkuk asked again to Kim through ‘their’ media, to give a conference to the korean public , showing all sincere apologies about making the problem such worse and giving negative images to Heungkuk life insurance. Otherwise, they will not start any negotiation. In Korea situation is presented via media in other way, blaming Kim for everything.

What’s more weird Kim isn’t excluded from NT and she appeared on NT roster list for asian qualification for WCH 2014. Federation is saying, even if Kim is the arbitrarily withdrawn player now, it is the matter with KOVO, nothing to do with KVA. and it will be also good for her to play in NT, showing that her motivation to play abroad. We can not give her ITC to play abroad however. because she is arbitrarily withdrawn player.

The president of KVA announced today that they will not issue an ITC for her this season. Unless she apologizes to Heungkuk first, then accepts the condition that club proposes her. They suggest 5 years loan abroad and 2 years in domestic. (Heungkuk will choose her club, negiotiate salary condition, loan fee and so on) Other proposal is complete transfer for 1M$, but Kim has to apologize first.

Fans are persuading her to be naturalized to other country. Korean media claim that it means 2 years suspension by FIVB. Heungkuk with whole media are pushing her that she has no choice other than accept all club wants because naturalization can not be a solution. Kim hasn’t said anything about changing federation yet.

Last Monday Kim had a press conference. She requests followings to HK, KOVO and KVA.
1. As HK insisted in the last year on July, request to FIVB after having canceled the agreement
2. KOVO, please answer to the official request and claim that I sent on 10th July 2013.
3. KVA, please answer to the official request that I sent on 5th July 2013.
4. KVA, ask to FIVB, about the article 8 of the document
5. Since the arbitration by KVA was unfair, until the decision is made by CAS or domestic law, issue an ITC.
She waited for answers till yesterday. She doesn’t want to play as a player of KOVO anymore, if she doesn’t get answer until 25th July. If she doesn’t get answers from KVA, she’ll probably retire from NT.
Yesterday KVA announced that they’ll answer to Kim till the end of month. Confront to many criticism by media, she seems to withdrew her statement about retirement from NT on the condition that KVA gives the answer until the end of this month.
Situation isn’t still clear, next few days seems to be crucial. I hope that sides will reach an agreement and we’ll delight Kim playing next season.