After winning a “lost” game, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle believed in their power and beat Jastrzebski Wegiel.



Zaksa began this game with a high level of concentration, they gained a leverage really quickly (12:7). It was a good game of Lukasz Wisniewski, who was destroying Jastrzebie with his attack and service. Guests were weakened by an absence of Michal Kubiak, who suffered knee injury a day before. On the other hand, Zaksa played a lot better than in the previous match. It let them open this game with the victory 25:19.

Jastrzebie didn’t give up and started the second set with fresh motivation and faith. They pushed Zaksa and got a lead. Hosts made a lot of mistakes in this part. Domnik Witczak replaced Antonin Rozuier and it was a gold star – just like Grzegorz Pilarz on the previous day. However, the distance was quite significant and Jastrzebski Wegiel didn’t let go – they won 25:21.

We had a lot of mistakes in the beginning of the part three. Felipe Fonteles showed his killing service again and gave his team a leading, which only got stronger as the time passed. Zaksa was more and more confident. They won this and also the next part. In this last set, Kedzierzyn literally destroyed Jastrzebie (18:9, 25:13) and they advanced to the great final of PlusLiga, where Resovia Rzeszow is already waiting for them.