Carlos Getzelevich and Genaro Lopez reminded South Korean legendary coach Wan Young Sohn, died at 77 after a race that revolutionized Argentine volleyball.



Getzelevich joined Argentina National team during the trial that found its peak in the 1982 World Cup, Sohn´s most important achievement as coach: “I read the newspapers and was very bitter, just knowing this news. The man who turned over Argentine volleyball with his working method. Not only from the point of view of training was different, but also relied on a group of young players with which he knew he could get a target. His teachings have been unique in Argentina. Not just for volleyball but also for amateur sports, he meant a break of his arrival, said runner spiker and also coach.


I remember many stories relating to the discipline promulgated, Carlos commented,For example, before World, he insisted that we must stay twelve days concentrated and we asked, even the players can rest one day. Finally, we will not twist his arm and we had to concentrate until the last day together. With this conviction, hard mind, training and matches could change the course of national volleyball.


Sohns philosophy marked illustrious men of Argentine history as Daniel Castellani, Waldo Kantor, Raúl Quiroga, Hugo Conte, Julio Velasco and Jon Uriarte.Beyond he had a very basic knowledge of the language but always able to communicate. It is one of the coaches who scored my career, like Julio (Velasco). They marked me for life. Sohns gaze from slaughter, claw, fight was very strong among the players of this generation. In fact, most of that group is related to volleyball today. His contribution were timeless.


Genaro Lopez, who maintained a close relation with Sohn and even coached his son Alex, gave him a glowing tribute: “The Argentine volleyball mourns. There is step before and after Sohn. He changed the head of the national volleyball players. He taught a lot of things and set a path from which created a historic generation. Thanks to him, our volley flew completely different. He has always been a very attentive, sympathetic and cordial man.


Lopez said also,I had so much affection, I have talked several times and hugged us two years ago in Seoul, when we went with the National Team




Young Wan Sohn received a deserved ovation and a reminder present in his visit to Bolivar (Buenos Aires) in April 2005 when he attended the final of National League between Swiss Medical Monteros and Originenes Bolivar starring by Daniel Castellani, Hugo Conte and Waldo Kantor