The Italian head coach of Bulgaria Camillo Placi came back to Sofia, after the Bulgarian Lions finished on 4-th place in EuroVolley2013 which was held in Poland and Denmark.

Placi and the stuff of the team were welcomed with applauses at Sofia Airport. As usual, Mr.Placi was kind,  and talked in front of the media for the representation of the Bulgarian team and the lost bronze medal:

“Grazie! The team and the stuff have done big things during this season. But as it often happens in the criminal films, the final differs from the expected one. We all wanted a medal, with a bright color- I mean gold, but we finished 4th this time again. But this isn’t bad at all, because we are in the table of the big players. And this is really important, but very difficult also. Ask Poland or Germany if they don’t want to be on fourth place or to lose the final. We have to be happy as a team, as a federation, as a nation, because this team represents the good side of Bulgaria. This is one very young team, one fresh team. This team sometimes entertain us, and sometimes we do regret. It is something like a love story. But once again- the volleyball team is one of the bests things in Bulgaria.

“In the sports history you always make some accounts regarding to the opponent. But how do you play? We have to see all the things in a positive way. We have to see that the glass is half full, not half empty. The medal will come to us when we least expect it.”

“This team has the power to do something big. I was impressed with the guys! I literally searched everything in my pockets and let out everything that I got in the match against Poland. And in the next day we had a game against Germany. This means a lot.”

The head coach of Bulgaria also commented once again that the doors are wide open for the ex-star of the National team- Matey Kaziyski.

“When you feel ok, just give me a call”, said Placi, maybe hoping that Matey will hear him through the media.