– After the final in Vienna for a long time we felt a bitter taste of lost in the mouth – said Cristian Savani, talking about the goals for this year’s European Championship. Italian also revealed how he fulfilled one of his dreams.


You’ve already started preparations for the championship – how do you feel? Sparrings with the Slovaks and Germans are sufficient tests before the tournament?

Cristian Savani: – We all feel great. Our preparations are as they should be, we are at the proper lever. In Cavalese we train very hard and intensely. It was for us a very difficult and busy month and I believe that it will bring measurable results.

– Behind us two of the four friendly matches. Both were successful, we played well and now we look forward to the games with Germany. With this team we played this year during the World League .

What is your goal for the championship: to get the promotion to the final, as two years ago? Or you don’t have specific aims and focus on each game step by step?

– When it comes to this year’s championship, our expectations are huge. After the final in Vienna for a long time we felt a bitter taste of lost in the mouth… Since then, our team has changed a little has changed, but during the Final Six in Mar del Plata we’ve proven to be a difficult opponent for ever team and that we can fight with every one.

Since 2011, every year you win a medal – it makes the pressure is higher?

– Perhaps now, when people saw what we can achieve during the last years, they expect a lot more from us. However, we do not pay attention to that, we approach in the same way every time for every tournament. We have a new, young team but we have to try to use our potential properly. I believe that we can fight with everybody.

What is your greatest strength?

– I believe that our greatest adventage is us, the whole team, that we create a collective and we are always together. Among us there is no leader, there’s no one that would be more than others. We create a united group of players who aim to achieve a common goal. I believe that this is our greatest strength .

Who do you think has the best chance for a medal at the championship?

– The favorite is Russia. However, there are other teams that may have something to say and among them are we and Poland.

You have a pretty young team and you are one of the most experienced players. How do you find in the role of captain?

– I find myself well in this role. I’m lucky that I’m the captain of the team which consists of a lot of really great players, people. For this reason, in our cloakroom there are no confusions. My job is to take the initiative, to give others advice at key moments but everyone knows what they sould do and tehy’re doing it as best as possible. For me it’s an honor and a source of pride to be the captain of the national team.

You play in national team for twelve years – what does it mean to you?

– That I’m old! (laughs) It’s really impressive result, looking for personal, athlete aspect. In addition I am the captain of the national team and it made ​​me very happy. According to me, to be the captain of the national team, is the dream of every player and I was able to fulfill it.

How is it possible that the European Championships silver medalist, the Olympic and World League bronze medalist is still without a club? Or maybe you already know where you will play, whether it will actually be Shanghai?

– I agree with you – for me it’s strange too, but that is exactly how my situation looks like – that I remain without a club. At the moment I received several offers, including that one from China, but not only. There are several possibilities – we’ll see.