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Christmas is already here! Are you excited? Because we definitely are! This is why we continue with our Christmas interviews! You already had the chance to read the Christmas answers of Elitsa Vasileva and Robertlandy Simon, but as promised –we are not stopping here!

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Now it’s turn to Bulgarian volleyball star Dobriana Rabadzhieva to tell us a bit more about what does she like about Christmas and what is her Christmas wish to you!

 Dobby, as friends call her, is a well-known name in the world of volleyball.Rabadzhieva is a key player in the Bulgarian National team and last summer played also a very important role for Team Bulgaria to achieve the gold medals in the Group 3 of FIVB World Grand Prix.

Rabadzhieva played for some grands like Rabita Baku and Galatasaray Daikin and this season is part of Voléro Zurich.

Now, let’s speak about Christmas!

Just keep on reading!

–          What does Christmas mean to you?

–          When I was a kid, Christmas to me was a magical time, when all the people looked very happy. They were also very kind. There were gifts, family reunions and lots of Christmas lights. But as the years passed, I grew up and got a bit away from this aesthetic side of Christmas. All this made me look on the things from a different point of view and find the real meaning of Christmas to me. Unfortunately, now Christmas to me is one of the rare opportunities to go back home and be together with my family. And this is not happening every year.

–          What is your best Christmas memory?

–          Well, I have a lot of Christmas memories. At the beginning I constantly have written letters to Santa Claus and I was full of hope that I am going to receive what I wished for. I remember that after we grew up with my brother every single night on Christmas Eve before falling asleep we searched for gifts all around the house. And we didn’t stop until we found them in order to be sure that Santa Claus has brought us  exactly what we wanted. Once we have discovered the gifts, we hurried up to fall asleep so that the morning could come faster. It was a real fun.

–          How are you going to spend the Holidays this year?

–          This year I will celebrate the same way I was doing it in the recent years- with trainings and matches. I couldn’t make it back home for Christmas, because we are participating in a tournament. I will have only 2 days rest for New Year’s Eve and then we have another tournament.

–          Like a professional player, what have you missed the most on  Christmas ?

–          Being a professional player, consumes every aspect of your life. You do a lot of sacrifices and compromises when it comes to your relatives. And you are always hoping that you will gain 1-2 days of rest in order to get back home and to be with your family.

–          Is there a special Christmas tradition in your family that you do every single year?

–          Well, to be fair, to us Christmas is special when we could be at home and celebrate together. So we don’t pay such an attention to a special tradition- what matters most is being together.

–          Make a Christmas wish to our readers!

–          Let the Magic of Christmas Eve enter your home and bring you health, personal happiness and many more reasons to smile and be happy every day!


VolleyCountry also wishes all the best to Dobriana and her nearest and closest people! May Santa Claus bring you many happy volleyball moments, Dobby! 🙂

Dear VolleyCountry readers, stay tuned for more Christmas surprises!

Photo: Voléro Zurich