Dragan Travica from the beginning of his career is playing in Italy, but it’s possible he’ll play in a foreign league. His dream is to work with his father. Italian was close to fulfill this dream when Ljubo Travica trained Resovia Rzeszów.


You’re already at the half-way of Serie A, how would you asses the season so far?

Dragan Travica: – Very good! Everything is going good, we won Italian Super-cup, we are second in the regular season and we are qualified for next turn in Champions League.

You didn’t have luck at the beginning of the season because of the plague of injuries. Now, how do feel Cristian Savani and Jiri Kovar, when they’ll return to the game?

– This is a question for doctors (smile)! Cristian and Jiri are better now! I don’t know when they can return to play. I hope it’ll be very soon!

Some time ago Cristian Savani said that most important thing is that players in Lube know each other very well. In your opinion, what is your most dangerous weapon?

– Cristian is totally right! I have to agree with him because we are collective. Our most dangerous weapon is the strength of our group.

What Lube Banca affords in this season? What are your main goals?

– We’ve got one aim: we want to get to the end of all competitions.

You play in many games, don’t you feel a little bit tired of high intensity of matches or are you well prepared for this long season?

– We feel a little bit tired, but is a very funny game and always when I start to play I think only about to win a match.

For sure you want to repeat the last year success and become the champions of Italy. How do you think, who will be your biggest opponent in the battle for scudetto?

– We hope to do better than last year, win more. If we talk about scudetto, I think that Trento is the strongest opponent team.

On Wednesday you’ll play in quarter finals Italian Cup with Andreoli Latina. How important is that trophy for you? Do you think about that there’s a possibility that you can meet Itas Trentino in final and take a revenge for the last year’s lost?

– Italian Cup is very important for us and we want to win it. For me this trophy is especially important that I haven’t won it yet. Against who we’ll play? It’s not important, because we want to win it anyway.

How about Champions League? Because last year you were really close to get promotion for Final Four. Now you will play with Resovia Rzeszów, are you satisfied with the draw? 

– It won’t be easy because Resovia is Polish Championship champion and a very good team! I think we have to play our best volley and do our best to beat Resovia.

For your whole career you play in Italy, haven’t you thought about playing in foreign league?

– I’m thinking about it. For sure in my career I want to play one time in foreign league. I hope that I could play with my father as a coach. When he trained Resovia there was a possibility for me to play with him but… it didn’t happened.


source: siatka.org