Eva Yaneva is one of the best Bulgarian volleyball players in the recent years. She played in some of the bests European clubs like “Cannes” and “Dinamo”.

Yaneva was captain of the Bulgarian national team Women, but in 2011 she was told she is not anymore taking part in the team.

How do you feel now?
I am ok. I am at home almost two and a half months – in Bulgaria. I am still recovering from the injury in the elbow. I am using my time in order to be with my family.

There are some photos of you in the social networks where you are in the mountain. Is this the place where you relax at your best?
I have always loved the mountain, it brings me peace. Such a walk gives me energy. Unfortunately, these are just quick walks, because I have to be in Sofia all the days for the recovery.

During the last season you played in Japan. What is the level of the volleyball there?
The level is very high. To me, the season wasn’t easy, because the style of playing is very different from the European one. The teams are very equal, and no one ever knows who is going to be the winner. And there are also some surprises in the last moments too.

The Nipponeses are very different from the Bulgarians. Was it hard for you in the beginning?
Yes, definitely. In Japan everything is very different, but you just get used to it. Everything is cleared and organized till the last minute (trainings, lunches, games). And you don’t have many free time for things outside volleyball. And I am there to play professionally, so this is on first place. Actually, the social life is not that varicoloured, most of the Nipponeses don’t speak English, so the communication is very difficult.

The next season you’re going to play for the same team ( JT Marvelous) . Were there any other offers for you?
Only in the middle of the season I talked to the governance of the club and decided to stay one more season, because I really like their way of working. I think that another year there will help me, and I went there to win tittles. This year we couldn’t do it, and I don’t wanna go home without a medal. But yes, I had offers from other clubs, but I refused, because I already have told JT that I am staying.

The style of playing in Japan is very different. They play with a strong component defense, the volleyball is not that strong. Do you feel development from this point of view for this one year spent there?
Yes, the attacks there aren’t that strong. The block, they made, is not that high, but they arrange the stuff this way, so it is very hard to make a point from the very first attempt. In order to make a point, you have to use tricks, and this is what I was missing. So, I definitely have progress.

Do you follow the national team? How would you rate what the girls have done in the European League?
Of course, I am following the team. I think, that they made a good representation, but you know .. you can always do it better. To me, we didn’t have luck against the well prepared team of Germany – they showed a very good game in the recent years, so it is normal to have this self-confidence. I think the bronze are good for this stage, but there are still things to work on. And maybe it is better that it happened this way, so that we could see the mistakes. I think that Grand Prix would be a good representation for the girls.

If they tell you in this moment, that they need you in the team, are you ready to go back?
I would like to. Unfortunately, the injury couldn’t allow me to, because I am not fully recovered yet.

E.Kovacheva, Presscentre BFV