Gabriela Koeva is one of the most successful Bulgarian volleyball players in the recent years. She plays for the Bulgarian National volleyball team (women) and also for  Besiktas.


The sports career of Gabi began in home town Pleven, where she took part in the team of Spartak. Then she played in one of the biggest Bulgarian clubs CSKA(Sofia). After being at CSKA Gabi went for a very first time to play abroad- in the the team of Voléro Zürich . After that Koeva played for Minerva Volley Pavia and now she is in Besiktas.


Gabi plays as a middle blocker and she does it in an excellent way. The education is also very important to her – in the autumn of 2013 she became her Bachelor degree in Business Administration and now she is doing her Master in the same object.
The beautiful Gabriela shares that it is difficult to combine professional sport with studying. On the other hand, she is always trying to find some free time to read a new book.
Thanks to the Bulgarian site “I read” ( I had the opportunity to talk to Gabi about her favorites ways to read books.

– Gabi, what are books to you? What do they mean to you?
– To me reading a book is one of the most pleasant ways to relax at home or while being on the road.
Which is the book that made the biggest impact on you? Or the book that made you think a lot and also made you change a part of your life?
– I can’t name a single book. I like to read different kinds of literature- fantasy, other types of romans, philosophy, criminal books. It is very difficult for me to choose only one book. But if I tell you that I like Paulo Coelho it would be a bit banal. On the other hand, his books really make you think about the things in life. The book that made me change my way of thinking was “The Secret”. If we could put this one in the type of literature we are talking about now.
– Are you eating something while you reading? If “yes”, what is your “favorite food for reading”?
– No. I eat when I have to. I am a professional player and to me eating is a matter of habit.
– What do you drink while reading?
– I like to share my book with a glass of wine in the evenings, but actually most of the time I drink water! 🙂
– Do you note some passages and moments from the books or the idea of scratching over the pages terrifies you?
– I don’t like scribbling on the books. Sometimes, when I am reading a book online maybe I am noting some things..I like quoting some thoughts of the authors who “touched me” … This makes me wanting to share these thoughts!
– How do you remember the last page that you read – are you using dog ears(like folding sheets below), leaving the book opened or something else like a special book separator?
– A special book separator for sure! As I have said, the books are something very special to me, I love to take good care of them so that they’d be ready when I decide to read them again.
– Fiction or nonfiction? Or both?
– Both! It all depends on the book itself!
– Online books or paper ones? Or both?
– I prefer the second ones, but sometimes it is very difficult to me to find them. So, the online books help me to solve the problem 🙂
– What do you prefer- reading a chapter till the end or you can stop reading anytime you want?
– Usually I don’t leave books unfinished because I am choosing the type of literature that’s worth. Despite this fact it happened to me that I don’t like the text and therefore I don’t want to read the book till the end.
– Is it possible the following situation- you are reading a book and the fiction characters annoy you but the book itself could be one of your favorite ones?
– It never happened to me that some characters annoy me.
– What are you reading now?
– “Operation Geronimo” by Chris Ryan.
– Which is the last book you bought?
– The same.
– What type of reader are you- of the ones that are reading only one book at time or you could read many at the same time?
– I read only one book at time. I love letting the plot to grab me. On the other hand, it happened to me to want badly finishing a book quite fast and then to begin another one. I am impatient.
– Do you have favorite place/time to read?
– Usually I read in the evenings before I fall asleep or in the pause between training sessions. I also read when I am on the road- I always have a book with me. I travel a lot and this is the best way to spend the time when you are waiting at Airports or when you are on the bus.
– What do you prefer- book sequel or single editions?
– This is a very difficult question. I like book sequels because I know that there is another book and this excites me. But I read single editions with the same enthusiasm.
– Is there a book that you recommend again and again to all of your friends?
– There are a lot. Recently I recommended Terry Pratchett and “Stories of the world of disc” (book sequel of about 30 books) to a friend of mine who likes fantasy. I really like Terry Pratchett, his sarcasm, parodies and black humor. I have to thank Pepko (he knows for Susann), who recommended me the books some time ago.
– How do you organize your books / by genre, title, name of the author/?
– Usually I do it by the name of the author. I love collecting the editions and the truth is that I don’t have any free places to put my books 🙂