One of the most interesting transfer in the world of volleyball is already a fact! Nikola Grbic will join the Russian Zenit Kazan, but it seems that the legendary setter did not forget about the other supporters of the volleyball.


Here is the letter that Nikola Grbic sent to the media:

„To all the friends of volleyball,

The last three days there  have been a lot of details for me and, given the timing, I did not realize well what exactly will mean my move to Russia …. at least until a few hours ago. It all happened so quickly: everything ended for only two days.

The first thing that crossed my mind is the regret that this transfer is the result of the scary accident of Lukasz Zygalo, to whom I wish  “good luck” (we talked yesterday).

I realized that my transfer means that never again will I play in the Italian Championship volleyball!

19 years I am part of a league that I consider being the most beautiful and most difficult of them all, although in the recent years a large number of champions have gone away.

I owe to the Italian Inner-ship a lot, because it has made ​​me what I am, both as a player and as a person.

I won many trophies, but what’s even more beautiful is that I shared this joy with many players of many teams, a bond that goes beyond the professional relationship. I found true friends, from nations all over  the world and this is something priceless.

I said before that I was lucky enough to win with different teams and it is difficult to compare one experience with another. Each team in which I played, from the promotion of Catania in Serie A2, the victories of Uniforms in Trento and Cuneo, gave me different emotions, but always authentic. In Milan, unfortunately we did not win any trophy, but I met great people, who will remain friends for life.

The first championship in Trento was the culmination of a dream waited a long time . “The first time you never forget ” but to win it with Cuneo gave me completely different emotions , because I saw the joy of the people who were  waiting for the trophy  longer than me, and I was proud to be there !

Cuneo is the city in which I played longer and where I won my first trophy for clubs in Italy at the end of those 7! We couldn’t  also win the eighth , last year , in the final of the Champions League , just because there would be another first time , but … we went very close.

At first I just wanted to come and play for at least a year in Italy and I would never have dreamed of being able to have a career so long and beautiful . So yesterday, when I started realizing that this adventure was about to end , I felt  really bad!

Imagine … it is normal that sooner or later we’ve got to finish my career , but I thought to stop here, where I began .

Instead I am about to start a new one!

I do believe that the past and the future do not belong to us , but only the present. This is  the best thing in volleyball- but not only that one.You have to prove every day, during every exercise   how much you’re worth. It does not matter what has been and what you’ve won , because if you continue to play well, you forget everything quickly.

Do not just settle for a win, no matter how important, but forget what it was and move on.

So , I forget what I did , because I have to prove to be worth where they do not know me and where I have not won anything yet.

Starting again at 40, not exactly from a zero , but almost , I find it a great motivation to get back into the play once again!

It seemed  right to write this letter , after 19 wonderful years , to thank all the people that I have been close tp and that have been part of my life, both professionally and personally .

Once I am  done playing , I think to dedicate myself to coaching  , because I do not know what I’d do without volleyball .

Therefore , this is just an „arrivederci” , not an „addio !

A big hug to everyone!

Con affetto,
Nikola Grbic