Ivan Kolev is a real globetrotter and AZS Politechnika Warszawska is the 8th team in his career. What has influenced on his decisions of such frequent changes of clubs? – I am an ambitious player who likes to rise up skills – he says.


You’re volleyball globetrotter: PlusLiga is the seventh league in which you play and AZS Politechnika Warszawska is your eight club. Why do you so often change clubs?

Ivan Kolev: Sport is a teamwork and the people you work with are very important. So, sometimes changing the players and coaching staff are influence. To rise up and the ambitions should not be missed, too. I am an ambitious player who always try to help the team and who compete and seek for to go up. Of course, you need to take into the culture in different countries and living standards. Those are factors that really affect player’s decision to play for some team.

Why have you decided to play in Iran and in Lebanon? What is the level of championships in those countries?

– Iran has a very good league. Iranian athletes have as many sports skills and with a little work of art will soon become quite serious opponent. We have already seen how they play with the best teams in the world league this year. They are trying to develop the league and you see that they attract many foreign players who are playing in strong leagues. The situation is similar with Lebanon.

Did you know something about Polish league before? Why have you chosen AZS Politechnika Warszawska?

– More then 10 years I am dealing with proffesional volleyball and I know world volleyball. Polish Championship is one of the most exciting and developing at the moment and that is my reason to choose to play here. I had offers from other countries among which the Italian league, but I prefer Poland. I got to know the composition of the coaches and players and I think that we will be a worthy opponent who will achieve his objectives. Our team is young, but ambitious, and it is my pleasure to be a part of it.

You arrived to Warsaw few days ago. Have you already acclimatized here? What is your first impression?

– Poland is a beautiful country and it’s always been a pleasure for me to be here. Several years ago I came here for first time being part of the Champions League tournament and I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere on the games and the incredible audience. I think you have one of the most heart and dedicated fans in volleyball and I am sincerely glad that I will compete for the Polish team.

What can we expect from you and from the team during the season? What are you expectations?

– The team is very interesting. Competitors are very ambitious and talented, and the management and coaching staff are outstanding. I believe we have a serious chance to go well ahead in the standings.

Before we start season the league season European Championship will take place. What are your predictions?

– I hope to see deserved and exciting finale, why not Bulgaria – Poland (smile).