We’ve proved on the court that we deserved for that victory – said Ivan Kolev after the victory over Efector Kielce. Bulgarian was the only one who didn’t get a chance in this match. – It’s going to be an interesting competition on our position – he added.


Victory 3-0 is a perfect start of the season, but I think you could expect it after a good performance last weekend.

Ivan Kolev: – Not only at the last weekend we played well, because we presented really good during preparations for the last two months. I think that we’re very good prepared for this season. We expected that the start will be successful in our performance – I think we’ve proved on the court that we deserved to win this match. Our game still isn’t perfect, but this is normal at the beginning of the season. However, we can be happy for this victory.

Like you said, your game isn’t perfect. During the whole match you had a lot of ups and downs.

– I think this is a pretty normal thing. It was the first game of the season in our performance and the opening match is always difficult and specific. But that doesn’t matter now, we won 3-0, we have gained three points and for us this is the most important.

Next week you’ll play with newcomers, BBTS who lost the first game. It will be easier game than that against Effector or the opposite?

– (Laughs) If we play better than this time, it will probably be easier. This, however, will be another meeting, another story. We have to play a good, stable. We have a week to prepare for this fight and I hope that we will succeed in this and gain another victory. It’s difficult to say whether it’ll be easier or more difficult – I’m not sure how it would look like.

You want to win – so how do you have to play, what do you have to improve to achieve this goal?

– At this moment I don’t know… I think we need to analyze our game and our rivals’ game and draw conclusions. I don’t think that in our game is a specific element, which needs a special improvement. I think we just need to play more stable and to make less mistakes. In this match we lost a few points in a row by its own mistakes too often – that is what we need to avoid in the future.

On your position is a big rivalry – you were the only player who didn’t receive a chance in a game against Effector…

– That’s true, but my colleagues played very well. Artur (Szalpuk – ed.) shows up really great, he played a perfect game, especially in attack. Also Pawliński is a very good player. Therefore it looks like it’ll be an interesting competition on our position. But it’s very good, it’s positive for the team to have some interesting players on the receiver position. For me, this is also a good thing, I have the opportunity to grow up. I’m very happy about that and the fact that it arranged for the benefit of the club.

source: siatka.org