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Samokov, Bulgaria
Do you know this feeling of happines mixed with a bit of sadness?

This is exactly how I felt on Thursday when the Italian Copra Elior (Piacenza) played in the town where I’ve grown up against the Bulgarian Marek Union Ivkoni- Dupnitsa in the 4th leg of CLM 2013. There were no surprires in the match and the Italians beat the hosts with 3-0.


Why sadness and why happiness?
Sadness because I remembered the good times in the same sports hall with my team.  And happiness because I was able to see some of the bests players in the volleyball world. Happiness, because I had this very interesting conversation with Luca Vettori.

The 22-year old Vettori became more popular during the last year – he succeed in showing his qualities not only with Piacenza, but also with the Italian National team. In the last days there were rumors that the opposite will leave Copra Elior. On the other hand, Luca believes there is something more besides volleyball. Here is what he shared with us only for 

– Luca, in the recent days there were some rumors that you could be going to another team (Modena). Is there something true about this?
– No, these are only voices, too much voices. In such a situation I’d like to take my personal time and just be away from the rumors. Piacenza is the strongest team I could play in, and I’d like to stay here.

– In the last months you’ve become more and more popular. Did you get used to it- all the people, journalists, photographs, handshakes…
– It’s realy strange, because last year I wasn’t so popular. I like it but I am also a bit shy and I am trying to be into this situation only when it’s necessary.

– You’re always on the road. What does it mean to you?
– There are many matches and we are always traveling. First with the National team, now with the club. It’s difficult for an athlete, there are many games, as I already have said, and so- yes, I am a bit tired (smiles).

– They call you „the philosopher of volleyball”. Aren’t you tired of people seeing you this way ?
– Yes, sometimes. But I know who I’d like to be outside of the court. It is important for me to have other interests. I don’t know how I am seen or how other people can feel me. Maybe it’s not a totally positive thing, I don’t know.

– Is your life divided – between volleyball and world of culture, literature, arts?
– Yeah, a little bit. But in the summer I tried not to divide them, but to share them, to make a mixture between culture life and volleyball. It is not an easy job but I spoke to the Italian volleyball federation and they’re interested in this thing. Maybe we could work together , we could interract with eachother.

– In another interview you’ve said that you think volleyball could make difference, to influence on the society, to make reflections. How could you help as a volleyball player?
– I still don’t know. But if everyone of us becomes a good person, with maybe cultural and social interests and we are doing something… This is maybe how we could make influence on the other people, on the pulbic in the sportshalls.

– Is there something that you’re missing?
– Maybe my quite life, but … I am becoming a worker, you know? It is hard for me right now, but it is also a situation I have to accept.

– How did you fall in love with volleyball?
– Well, I didn’t fall in love. I liked it when I was like 16. I began playing volleyball because I was tall, there were also other friends of mine …Then coaches saw me and so it started.

– We live in a consuming society. People are afraid of many things, but on the other hand they want everythin g– love, money, travel. Does this sound negative to you and what is your opinion on the topic?
– For sure the majority of the people live this “life of consuming”. But is not for their own fault, but for the one of society. Television, journalists-they have a big influence. But to me, for my life- there exists “a culture of little things”.

– Christmas is coming- what do wish to yourself and to our readers?
– (smiles) I don’t know. Maybe that we all spend some time with the families-that’s a little thing but it is really important. And to me personally – why not to have some time to spend and to sacrifice for a cause like sharing culture and volleyball?

I wish it to you too. Thank you for this interview!