This spring Luca Vettori was named a rising star of the Italian national team and recently he received award of Gianfranco Badiali for the best player in Serie A1 U-23. – In that moment I just have to enjoy that – he says.


In the end of ECH you had a very difficult task: to defeat the Russians. You didn’t do that but you were fighting.

Luca Vettori: – Yes, it’s true and for that reason I’m happy. Anyway I know we can play better but this time the Russians demonstrated their strength and showed that they are stronger than us. They played better than us either in defense or in the block, or in the service. We had a lot of problems with our game, they took advantage and just were better.

Anyway almost all of the fans gathered in the hall kept their fingers crossed for you. That had to be nice.

– Yes, it was very nice (laughs). These people gave us a lot of positive energy, they were fantastic. Indeed, with these fans, in this game, it was all even more exciting. Unfortunately, despite this we lost and we are sorry about that but we don’t look for excuses. The Russians just were too strong for us.

For you these were also the first European Championships in the senior team. How would you assess the tournament?

– For me it was a bit strange situation, because before I played a little. However, I was able to play well in a few games so I’m very happy. It also allowed me to get used to the rhythm of the match during the championship. I’m proud of how we played for a few days and I want to thank all my teammates for how much they helped me during this time.

For you individually it was a also good tournament – it’s proven by these awards for the best spiker. Anyway, four years ago at the world youth championships you earned a similar award – for the best scorer.

– (Laughs) It’s just a coincidence. I’m much more pleased with this award, that once again I’ve been appreciated. Especially since this time the whole team played well, we won the silver medal and I was involved in this success. At those world championship me and my team won only eighth. I hope that now we will only get better. However, I would prefer us to win gold than me to win an individual award.

You mentioned that to your teammates you have a distance, a respect. Now, after a few months, how do you feel in NT?

– To be honest, not much has changed. I still respect them very much but I started to open up myself, I became more confident against them – so do they. Honestly, I hoped that they trust me and I’m glad it happened.

I guess it could be expected because all of you admit that the atmosphere in your team is perfect.

– That’s right and it is our great strength. Thanks to this we were able to win here, in Copenhagen, the silver medal of ECH. We play volleyball but that’s not the end because we make a good team. Besides us there are several other strong teams but we’re not going to give up on this and we want to continue to grow up, become better and win more.

You received a great opportunity, not only from Mauro Berruto who made you the first spiker, putting Zaytsev back to the reception, but also from Luca Monti who, because of you, decided to make Fei a middle-blocker once again.

– (Smiles) In this case I can’t do nothing more than enjoy this. And indeed I’m very happy with that they trusted me so much. What more can I do? I want to say thanks also to Ivan because in this time he supported me and helped me a lot. Really, I’m very happy.

However, after the semi-final matches against Lube Macerata, when you were named a rising star, don’t you feel more pressure?

– Maybe from the semis the pressure is a little bigger but I pay no attention to that. The whole time I have the same attitude – nothing had changed: the voices don’t affect on my game, I try to pay no attention, cut off from that and it really helps me to do what belongs to me.