The star of the Italian’s Itas Diatec Trentino – Matey Kaziyski, is not taking part in the Final 4 of the Champions League for the very first time since 2008. Here is what he shared.


“Watching the Tournament on the TV will be extraordinary strange for me. In the last 4 years I was struggling to win the trophy by this time of the year, and now that just can’t happen. I was a bit surprised by what happened this year and our dropping out, but now I am hoping that the Italian Cuneo and my friend Tsvetan Sokolov will have luck . I hope that they will win”.


On the other hand, Matey talked about his current position on the Bulgarian national team. In an interview for “Fuoricampo – il Volley parlato” – a transmission of the local Radio Dolomiti in Trento, the volleyball player confessed he is not thinking about return in the team.


“I hope to return during the summer for a month in Bulgaria, so that I could be with my family. Before that I will play for the cup in Italy. I won’t return in the National team of Bulgaria. My future? All the rumors spread during the last days, don’t concern me. I have never talked to anyone and I don’t want to change the team. I continue on being really proud to be part of Trentino. And I am literally hungry to win more and more titles, despite the fact that I am here for 5 years. “


“I have many memories connected with Trentino, but maybe the most significant for me is our first champions title. We won it after beating Piacenza in the final in 2008. This was our first great success with Trentino and I remember that after it there was a big feast”.