France overcame Poland in Friday’s evening and in fact confirmed the first place after Group Stage, while Poland will be obligated to participate in playoffs. Was it a controlled missed ? Ex captain of Bulgarian national team, Vladimir Nikolov, thinks that Andrea Anastasi laid out such a script.



What do you think about the European Championships system? You anticipated two years ago that Poland will gave up the match against Slovakia and you can bet even 1000 euro as an evidence. Will there be a “surprises” this year?

– I think Poland will be beaten by France. (The interview was made two hours before the match Poland-France).

Are you sure?


Why do you think so?

– Because it’s the best track to avoid Russia in Playoffs and quarterfinals.    

So you consider there will be putting together. Do you damn them for such a doings?

– My opinion it doesn’t matter. It will be better if you ask Andrea Anastasi about this.

From where you have this conviction, almost a certainty, that the head-coach of Poland is going to turn on estimates?

– I’ m sure cause I know his (Andrea Anastasi’s) mentality. If it doesn’t take place, I will be forced to admit my fault. I would be pretty astonished.

Did all these eventual estimates result from the presence of the very strong teams in Gdansk and Gdynia? The rest playing in Denmark has an easy trip to semi-finals!

– We have a “Group of Death” with Russia, Czech Republic, and Germany, while for example Italy have to struggle with, beg their pardon, Belarus or Denmark. It is incomparable scale of hardships.

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