– We have a very good team and I am sure that every player could get to another team and have a place in the starting six – says Paul Lotman. American also talks about ChL, objectives and internal competition of a team.


The second match and second vicotry without losing a set. This is probably the best start of the season you could imagine.

Paul Lotman: – Yes, it’s true. I think it’s really a very good start in our performance. In addition, we won  Supercup. We knew that this match with Czarni Radom wouldn’t be simple, we expected a hard game and that how it was. We played on a very difficult ground. For me it was also a difficult start but with time I started to play better and I think the whole team played really well.

After all, you have still many ups and downs. But I think it’s quite normal at the beginning of the season.

– Yes, definitely. It seems that everyone played a bit nervous – we need time to calm down our game, to start playing our volleyball, to each of us could feel confident playing with each other. In the team we have some changes, some new guys, new tactical solutions. I takes time – we train just for two months and with all of the guys just few weeks. I think that in a month or two we will present a pretty good shape.

As you said – to the team have joined some new players – did you all find a common language?

– Yes, everything is perfect. All new players are really nice and I think we are a team complete which has twelve players who, at any moment, can go onto the court and play. It’s really an amazing thing and we need to use it as an our adventage. I think we need time to grow but this is an excellent start of the season and for sure it helps us.

It looks that the starting six isn’t clear – the coach is doing a lot of changes and in fact almost everyone gets the chance.

– I think at this moment Andrze (Kowal – ed.) makes very good decision. In Supercup match against ZAKSA in the starting six played Dawid and Fabian (Konarski and Drzyzga – ed.) and they played well. The situation is similiar when it comes to Peter (Veres – ed.). I think it is very important that each of us receives as much opportunity to play and spends as much time on the court as it’s possible. Those players are new in the team and they need to play – but it all looks good.

This situation also should be good to the team – it makes this positive competition in the team higher, no one is sure of being in starting six and tries to do his best.

– Definitely yes (laughs). This is the hardest part – as I said, we have some new players, so we need some time to get through. We also have a very good team and, I don’t want to say that from all we can expect to play at a high level, but I am sure that each of us could get to another team and have a place in the starting six. We have some good players on the bench, but that’s the way it is. This is really something very positive to have so many good players in the team. The broad squad will also be important in the context of the Champions League and the Polish Cup and I hope that it will be our advantage .

Speaking of the Champions League – the next week you play against Paris Volley. Probably you have already started to think about this game…

– Yes. Of course, it was very difficult to us to re-focus on the next game after the Supercup – we had only two days to do that. And we’re really happy that we won and we gained those three points. Now we need to have some rest and then to start preparing for the next match. This game also will not be easy – Paris Volley is a good team but we must do everything possible to get as many points as possible, to be able to take first place in the group.

You’ve already gained first trophy – Supercup – but I guess you do not want to stop there.

– Exactly! However, at the moment we focus on the Champions League. We have one of the best, most convenient groups (laughs), so we must grab this opportunity. We have to start with a victory, to win games and get the promotion to the next round from the first pool.

source: siatka.org