Of course, I always give of myself the max, but I’m sorry – I’m not perfect. Nobody is  – told Peter Veres asked about high expectations to his person.



Resovia is built to achieve the highest goals. Is it really this pressure that is putting on you is too big?

Peter Veres: – Definitely. Before the beggining of the season, when I came to Rzeszów, they told me that it won’t be easily here because Resovia two times in a row won the Polish championship so also in this year the expectations are high. Everyone keeps saying that we have to win gold medals PlusLigi, win the Polish Cup and play in the Final Four. And you know what? With this attitude it’s not easy to get out and play our game. Of course, everybody really want to and try to, anyway I think that if you look from the side, you see how much we want to play well. This time also we really wanted to win, but the pressure crush us, so that everything went quite differently.

Everybody expect also a lot from you. You came to Resovia as a star – do you feel the pressure connected with the fact that you have to show your best?

– Yes, the pressure is enormous. Everyone thinks, I don’t know why, but they think that when I came here from Dynamo Moscow, I have to always play at one hundred percent efficiency. And you know what? It shocked me! Everyone thinks that I have to play phenomenal, that I can’t make a mistake, I can’t have a worse day. This pressure is too high and it’s hard to me. Maybe it looks like I’m complaining, that I’m crying – no, I’m not crying! I am trying to explain that this situation isn’t simple. I try to play my best, I give all my best, but for the first time in my life happened to me something that: I signed the contract and everybody, without exception, tell me that I have to always play my best, that I can’t make mistakes. It’s hard.

It seems to me that you should get used to that. In Russia, the expectations to the players are huge, especially when we talk about foreigners.

– Russian volleyball players are treated in the same way as foreigners. From all require a lot, but the level of competition is much higher. Here in Poland almost all the teams are focused on my person and how to stop me in the attack. Rarely happens that I can attack on a single block – it is usually double or triple. This is the most difficult thing. Ok , I came here with Dynamo Moscow and I know exactly what I have to do and I try to do that, but I’m not an angel who come here from sky and will make miracles. Of course, I always give of myself the max, but I’m sorry – I’m not perfect. Nobody is .

source: siatka.org