World Grand Prix Final 6 is starting tomorrow. Stacy Sykora has been one of most expressive of the last decade. In spite of playing as the libero, she has always been visible shining brightly like a star, but this time, Sykora will be a part of FIVB World Grand Prix, but not as a player. What are her thoughts before the “judgement days” in World Grand Prix? Watch the video below!

“This is my first time to be part of World Grand Prix finals and not be on the court.  I will be very Interesting and wonderful.  When you not in uniform, it’s different to see coaches and player as well. I can’t wait to see who will win the Grand Prix. Here are teams always on top. I think the young players will surprise us, they will grow with fans support. There will be great games and individual performances.” said Sykora.


Source: FIVB