Only few  minutes after the prominent win of Iran over USA team in the World league volleyball I wanted to ask some questions the president of the Iran Volleyball Federation  Dr. Mohammad Reza DAVARZANI. He gave 2 T.V. interviews , then in the mixed zone a T.V reporter asked him for an interview. It was a good opportunity for me also to see what his point of view on some topics is.

 Regarding presentence of the women in the hall Mr.Davarzani said that the Federation is only the organizer of the matches and cannot make decision for allowing or not the coming of women to the sports hall. 

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After the glorious win of Iran over USA in straight sets 3-0  Davarzani noted  that none of the experts was thinking Iran would be able to smash USA by 3-0. Many people also were kept behind the closed gates of the hall and could not enter inside the hall. Davarzani hopes  that one day all facilities would be prepared and many fans would be able to attend the hall for watching the games.

 He added that he is sure around 40-50 million persons watched the match on TV and enjoyed this pleasant match.

Here is the President’s of Volleyball federation  answer on question related to women’s presence in the sports hall:        “You should make this question to the authorities, because the volleyball federation is  acting only as an organizer of the matches  and we could not make any decision on coming or not coming of the ladies into the hall”.  Mr. Davarzani also explained that regarding a possible fine by FIVB from the Iran Volleyball Federation they have had communicated with the world federation and they will see what will happen. Mr.Davarzani added that “ Whatever they (FIVB) had asked us, we have observed it.”

 On the win of Iran over the USA: “This win was pleasant and excellent, according to the view of experts our players performance in all six position was fantastic. The USA is currently the most powerful team in the world and our boys defeated them by 3-0 “. Then Davarzani emphasized on the fact that he is sure that from the other 5 remaining home matches, and with the support of people and enthusiasts Iran could gain the so much necessary points . “Our players have high capacity. Most of experts were saying that by 3-2 we will be the winner or we would give up on the game. But our young men proved them wrong.”

 At last Mr. Davarzani noted:” A presence in the Olympic games of Rio in 2016 has high importance for us, we should reach to the highest level of preparation. Ascending to the Olympic stage is goal of us all.”

 What does this mean? It means that Mr.Davarzani has not only an eye to get the ticket for the Olympic Games but also he has the ambition to descend on a stage of Podium in the Olympic. Personally, I  am pessimistic …but who knows what the future holds?