“We lost the final of the Champions League for 2 points. With 2 more points we could have been the “heroes”. But for many it’s like we had not done anything!” – analyses the player.

The Belgian player comments the Serie A1 season that has just ended. I was his 14th season in the Italian championship and the 10th in the team of Cuneo. As the player admitted, it was a difficult year both from the sportive point of view and the emotional one. “It’s been difficult for various reasons that everyone knows: from the lack of access to the semifinals of the Italian Cup, through exclusion of Mastrangelo, until having to change the mode of playing. Beyond all the difficulties we went through, we qualified to the Final Four of the Champions League, a goal that had never been achieved by Piemonte Volley and, by a hair’s breadth, we did not win the final. For two points we did not win, with two more points we could have been the “heroes”, but for many people it is like we had not done anything! But for me, to reach that final was a huge thing”.

“I remember we won over Resovia (Rzeszow – ed. note) twice and in those days Resovia was playing the final of the Polish Cup against ZAKSA (Kedzierzyn-Kozle – ed. note), the same ZAKSA we beat in semifinals in Omsk. After Resovia we met Macerata and, after a defeat at Fontescodella sports hall, we have reversed the result in the home match, winning the tie-break at first and then the Golden Set, getting this way the ticket to the Final Four”.

“The regret of not having won the final of the Champions League, in that moment, was really big. For me it happened for the first time to lose the final and to feel so bad. After a couple of days, however, we realized we had done something great, almost unrepeatable for the community and the city of Cuneo, beating strong teams, with such a difficult beginning of the season. But, unfortunately, I think the people did not realize: we lost for only 2 points and to get to the final, playing that way, was a great result. We played all over our abilities, we all wanted the same thing, we all did more than we could: we were great! Many people think this season was disappointing, but I think that to reach the final of the Champions League was the most important. We were a united team, despite all the difficulties we had to overcome. I’m really proud to be part of this group”.

(source: piemontevolley.it)