Roberto Piazza | Attack & Set


Roberto Piazza will present you setting fundamentals in accordance with attack from youth volleyball players to adults. He demonstrates his know how gained in more than 20 years of experience with famous setters and attackers.



Roberto Piazza is Italian famous volleyball coach, winner of prestige polish Plusliga with SKRA Belchatow in 2018.

You will learn in course:

  • The overhand hit and set technique / The optimal technique according to R. Piazza
  • The technique of set according to the player´s age / When should a player start to set in a jump, etc.
  • Teaching of fast combinations to zones 4 and 2
  • First tempo attack combinations – basics / the development of a higher level of first tempo attack combinations

Time: 120 minutes
Presentation download available
This course will expire 6 months after purchase