I am starting my website reviews with Noliko Maaseik’s site. Why Noliko? It was my first foreign professional club (see my complete volleyball journey on LinkedIn). I spent pleasant two years in Maaseik. The organisation and the sport level were on very high level at that time. Noliko Maaseik is a famous Belgian club with multiple national titles and cups in its pocket, regular participant in the men’s Champions League.

Let’s start!

  1. Overall design

I am opening Noliko’s homepage. My (and your) first impression is crucial, I wrote about it in my previous article.

The first thing that grabbed my attention is the page background. It’s a big image with a lot of emotions, but frankly I don’t like the effect. It seems like champions in a fog 🙁 The design is always about a subjective opinion. My opinion about the design? I can’t say anything bad, but it’s not what I am expecting in 2016 from a top volleyball club.

Let’s run fast through homepage. The top section of the page is OK in my eyes, in the middle there are articles with news, that’s good. In the lower part you can see a Twitter feed and sponsors. This section design doesn’t look very professional. The rest is OK.

I am opening Safari on my iPhone to see if they have a mobile version (or responsive design) of the website. This is what I see (Iphone screenshot) and you can tell… You won’t like it on mobile. A big minus, in my opinion.

Now let’s focus on how easy it is to go through the page.

  1. Ease of use

In general, everything is where it is supposed to be. A search field and social icons at the top, a navigation with a menu, a footer with all important information. In this part of my review Noliko’s site is without a single problem.

There is nothing more to say, so let’s dive into the content – the most important part of every webpage.

  1. Content

I can say Noliko are doing a good job with articles. They have fresh content, not focusing only on the senior team, but also on the youth. The articles are not just one or two paragraphs, you can feel they spend some time writing them. Thumbs up. On the other hand, once you open the article the images are small with a low resolution. The font-size could be bigger. Also, there is only one (Facebook) option to share articles.

What I am missing is a bit of videos or some more photos. I like to read, but videos and photos are things I look more for.

Noliko’s page is in Flemish, a language not easy to understand for me ? No English – no problem since their fans are mostly from Belgium.

OK, we know about their content. Now it is time to check what a usual fan or a visitor is searching for on a club’s website.

  1. Information for fans

Let’s start with a simple question. What kind of information is a fan looking for? I will tell you. You want (apart from news) results, tables, a game schedule, infos about tickets, hall location and directions, probably an online shop, contacts, etc.

Noliko is quite good in providing their fans with relevant information. They have a game schedule with a league table, as well as rosters, contacts, information on how to get a ticket and how much to pay for it. Noliko has a very active supporters club which organises travels to all games. These are positive things.

Now imagine that I am a big fan of Noliko and I want to buy a T-shirt with the Noliko logo. Can I get it? Or better, can I find it? Yes, but in a very complicated way. I have to go to the supporters page and there I find pictures with prices and that’s it. No info about how to get one, no option to buy it online.

Of course, you have to take care of media. The media page is a simple one-paragraph page with an email. Let’s make another example. I know Noliko – the media page isn’t so important for me. If I am a foreign journalist, I don’t see any call to action or something to grab my attention. Or a form to fill in my email for something. There is a bit of space for improvement.

Finally, we go to social channels.

  1. Social sites

As I wrote, they have a social icon at the top of page. Good. Let’s go to check it out. The Facebook page is interesting, I believe. I see videos, photos, several posts per day. The fan base is not big, currently (December 2016) it consists of about 7500 fans. Twitter is the second option with quality tweets and 1200 followers as of today. Noliko doesn’t have a huge number of fans on social sites, most are probably local as their posts are in Flemish. Belgium is a small country (about 10 million people) and volleyball isn’t a TOP sport in Belgium. You can’t expect hundreds of thousands of fans.

My mission with volleyball sites reviews isn’t to give advice or to provide concrete solutions. It’s more about my personal views and thoughts. What can I say in general about Noliko Maseeik’s website? Their website presence isn’t poor, but there is space for improvements.

Do you agree with me? Or you have a different opinion? Let me know via Twitter 🙂