The second club website under scrutiny belongs to Tours Volley-ball. Noliko Maaseik were quite happy with their review. Let’s see what Tours will say.

Anyway, I spent one successful season in Tours. It was my second foreign club after Noliko. Tours has been one of Europe’s elite clubs for more than 15 years, multiple French champion, French cup winner, and regular Champions league participant. In my memories, apart from good volleyball and the powerful Vladimir Alekno as coach, Tours was a pleasant city with superb vines, restaurants, and many historical castles a short distance away.

Let’s go to work.

  1. Overall design

I open Tours’ website. No, wait, I change my mind. I want to see Tours’ website on my Iphone. I open it on my Iphone Safari and… It’s the same story as with Noliko Maaseik’s website. Try it out yourselves. Or you want me to tell you? Ok. You won’t search or open their site on your mobile anymore. Why? There is no mobile version or responsiveness. You will see small, unreadable text size. The menu is hard to touch. Zooming is necessary. Simply a big minus.

The Blue inner part of the website with content is ok. The outer part is just a grey background. Grey is very often used as background color, but in my opinion it isn’t tempting to click on and doesn’t bring emotions.

Once you scroll down the page a bit, you see a section with images and a shop. It isn’t well-organized and contains a bigger image plus small banners alongside an online shop and ticket sales section. I would adjust it a bit. Also, the Facebook box could be done better with a life feed of the last posts.

At the bottom you see partners section. This is the right place to show partners’ logos. On the other hand, multiple-sized images on a grey background don’t look professional.

Another thing is the light blue text on the blue background. Even if you have a good vision, it is missing a better color contrast for better readability.

Ok, enough. Let’s check how easy it is to go through Tours’ website.

  1. Ease of use

It isn’t hard to navigate through their website. You have a menu, a search box, social icons, and other basics in the right place. Let’s try their search query. I type “tours” in the search box and… Try it out yourselves, too! What did you get? I get some error page as a result. Well, that’s a BIG error. Let’s try another word, e.g. “france”. This turns out to be another STOP word not to search for since the query returns the same error page. Come on, Tours, I want better searching!

The content is in my way now.

  1. Content

I could be a new, potential fan, so I am eager to read news, something about the team or the players. I click on the first image in the top slideshow and I get NOTHING. There is no link to an article, no link to a photo gallery or an image. Why is this section placed here? I don’t know. So I move to the “Resultats” box. Again, I click on some text links and no action follows! At least there is a link to all results in the right box next to the table. But the most prominent space on the page is not used as it should, if I can say politely.

In fact, if you scan through the whole homepage, you won’t find a single article. You get only a small photo gallery. Hence you won’t need to revisit Tour’s homepage often as you won’t receive fresh content.

I go deeper inside the page’s structure via the menu links. Finally, I find some more photos and a few videos. Articles? None.

  1. Information

I hope it will be a better experience than with the content and yes, it seems so. Now I get what I want. I see almost everything what you need as a fan. Information about the club, rosters, tickets, hall info, etc. I just want to point out the shop. It offers many things for fans, I like it. You can download the catalogue, choose whatever you want, call or write to the club in order to buy it. Quite a long process. For us, fans, it would be better to have a simple e-shop. At least I would vote for it.

  1. Social sites

Tours’ Facebook page is my destination now. 13 000 fans (in January, 2017) follow the club on Facebook. I have to admit that it isn’t a huge fan base. However, Tours are doing a good job over there. Fresh posts, events, photos, videos after games. Thumbs up! The Twitter profile is also well-maintained. Several posts a day is great. This is the right way to use Twitter. 1 200 fans. It could be better, though.


My resume? Tours doesn’t get a lot from its website. To me, It’s kind of a static presentation. I can get results, table of the French Pro A league, a page with statistics. Apart from some information, there is nothing exciting that makes me come back. Even if I can find a few positive points, the website lacks a lot and I am not satisfied.