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Mini Volleyball | Playfully

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Teach your kids mini volleyball playfully. The online mini volleyball course is composed of advices, tips, games and exercises for children from 6 years.



Are you a coach and you see that the game is not dynamic enough?
Don’t know how to control a group of seven to eight year olds?
Are you fumbling on how to proceed in training?

End the uncertainty and try our proven methods!

Mini volleyball is an excellent way of developing a volleyball game, but in volleyball there are very long pauses between contacts with the ball. With mini volleyball you can either waste your time a bit or use it for a comprehensive development of your players with a great overlap into higher age categories.
The coaches of the smallest volleyball players usually do not have a great coaching background, and rather than a sophisticated methodology, they need a simple clue to tell them what to start and what to follow.

In In the online course mini volleyball playfully you will find a simple tutorial on how to teach mini volleyball basics, based on enough demonstration videos, insights and experience working with a group of fresh schoolchildren.

Course content:
MODULE 1 – Mini volleyball | Playfully

  • Focus
  • Why was this content created
  • Our solution

MODULE  2 – Before training

  • Space organization
  • Suitable equipment
  • Training unit
  • Group controlling
  • Game forms
  • Practical recommendations for practice
  • Motor skills
  • Parameters

MODULE 3 – From throwing to unrestricted mini volleyball

  • Minivolleyball and its levels
  • Throwing game
  • Pausing mini volleyball
  • Bouncing mini volleyball
  • Unrestricted mini volleyball

MODULE 4 – 10 mini volleyball rules

  • 10 mini volleyball rules

Time: 60 minutes
This course will expire 12 months after purchase
Format: full HD
Language: English