Volleyball, like most games, is a fascinating sport. While you are more likely to see an enthusiast in football or basketball than you would in Volleyball, it is still a game with huge fan base, and dedicated supporters. And in a game of volleyball, like most sports, there are really embarrassing mistakes that is completely avoidable and should not be made no matter the circumstances.

Because it can send an unintended bad message to your supporters. Additionally, it will make you look like a complete amateur, and also make you wish the ground should open up and swallow you, when you send the audiences into a frenzy and everyone laughing as loud and hard as humanly possible! You will feel so ashamed, and sometimes a little disappointed at how erratic fans can be with myriad of phones pointed at you. Then again, would you blame them when it is hilarious?

Anyways, here are extremely embarrassing Volleyball actions you should never make.

  1. You give the other team a winning point by serving the Volleyball into your court! And the game is over! How does that look?! Very bad, right? Definitely. You end up losing the game. As impossible as that might seem, it does happen quite often in sports more than it should. This is the first rule you will learn in Volleyball: serve the ball to the other team’s court in a way that they cannot serve it back, simple. But there are cases that make it look like it is the most difficult thing to do in the game. And there will be a missed reaction from the audience, with the other team’s supporters celebrating. And yours? Not so much.


  1. You dressed inappropriately due to some circumstances, and you end up getting your shorts ripped off in an ambitious move to get a score for your team. This is impossible you say? Think again. Volleyball is a game that involves a lot of jumps, tactical moves, and positioning. Though your shorts must be close-fitting; it MUST also not be too tight, but comfortable and allows you to move easily. It so happened that you saw an opening–a weak spot to exploit–in the competing team, and decided to take it with a fancy move. And you end up getting it torn on the waistline. And then that made the impossible happened right in front of everyone! Your shorts fell off immediately you hit the ground! An incident like that could make you freeze for a moment in shock. And after the game is over, you realise that it is completely avoidable. Nothing you can do now that will change what people saw. Though it is very professional to use appropriate shorts and shirts at all times. And also double click your shirts and shorts for any anomalies (even if they are new ones) before going out to play; most professional players don’t do it all the time. So there is a likelihood that a mistake can be made that will end up getting your shorts to fall off! It could happen when you make an ambitious run for the ball, or jump and landed with no pant on! That is really bad!


  1. You are unfocused and distracted and unable to catch the Volleyball, and it accidentally hit you in the head. When you are not well balanced. And it got you crashing to the ground with your two legs up in the air wide opened in an hilarious way. The moment you hit the ground with you back, and then seems to be having a hard time getting up, probably because you are caught-up with the audience laughing; it can be very embarrassing. It can be avoided if you keep your head in the game.