Smartphones were the first fitness gadgets. Thanks to their sensors, they could track your speed, elevation, and the number of steps you have taken, and calculate the number of calories you have burned. Besides, they have provided you with the oh-so-necessary entertainment for jogging – which is quite boring, if you ask me – in the form of music, podcasts or even audio books played through your headphones.

Besides, they have also given you a chance to wind down after a tiring workout session (or even work) thanks to the tons of games they gave you access to. Hundreds of thousands of players use their smartphones today to slip in a few minutes of relaxing slots at the Royal Vegas Canada, to make their lunch break a bit more fun – before heading back to work. The same players play their favorite games – especially Bikini Party, a beach volleyball themed slot machine – at Royal Vegas while on the train, while waiting for the subway, or even at home, on the couch, while sipping a relaxing cup of tea. They get also bonus codes on Bet365 and do this not only for the wins (although the Royal Vegas has plenty of those, too), but for driving out the tension accumulated during the day, and finding a bit of peace of mind.

Smartphones are not the only fitness gadgets today. Luckily, since taking care of them would be a burden during a friendly game of volleyball. Fitness bands and other connected devices are here to help us track our sleep and our level of activity, and many others are on their way. Here are three of the most interesting ones that might prove to be the Most Useful Gadgets For Your Workout in the near future.

Smart sports equipment

Zepp, a startup based in Silicon Valley and Beijing, is working on ways to incorporate sensors directly into the baseball bats, badminton and tennis rackets, golf gloves, and other equipment – and, why not, volleyballs – used by athletes to perform their magic. This way, athletes can get all the feedback they need about their performance. The first prototypes of Zepp’s products have been showcased at CES 2016, with no word on the release date yet.

LifeFuel’s Smart Nutrition bottle

Staying hydrated is important while playing volleyball, no matter if you’re training or competing. Still, it’s easy to forget to take a sip during a fiery match. Smart water bottles monitoring your water intake have been around for quite some time, but LifeFuel’s new product goes one step further. The product not only monitors your water intake, but also adds a variety of nutrients to the fluid you drink from its attached “fuel pods” whenever it’s needed. The bottle, along with the fuel pods, are already available for purchase.

OMsignal sports bra

There is one thing you are sure to wear for all your matches: clothes. Integrating sensors and activity trackers into them is a logical step – and this is exactly what OMsignal is doing. This year, the startup has added a sports bra to its lineup, which monitors more than just a smart band: your heart rate, your breathing, and your workout Intensity. Besides, it also monitors your calorie consumption, storing all the data in a “smart box” attached to the clothing item itself.

This one might especially prove useful for volleyball players, since free movement is probably the most important aspect for them. While the “smart box” might seem a bit too bulky at this stage, it will surely become much smaller in the future, and wearing it becomes less of a burden.