It isn’t surprising that volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports. While it appears to be an incredible sport that is enjoyed (in beaches and backyards every summer) by millions globally and in the United States, volleyball isn’t without its fair share of misconceptions. As the saying goes, it is usually these silly misconceptions that stop many people from participating in the sport competitively in many countries.

For those of you who may or may not have heard these myths about the sport or you are thinking about playing volleyball in competitive level, this article attempts to spell out these misconceptions and the truth about volleyball. It debunks the most common misconceptions about volleyball.

Your Ability to Hit the Ball Harder Determines That You Are Good

Many people believe that if they can hit the ball harder, then they may think they have the skills required to play volleyball. However, that line of thinking is fallacious. In truth, hitting the ball harder is only effective in volleyball when you can serve with accuracy as well. Being able to serve the ball with power and precision is the real deal. It makes for the best servers in volleyball.

You are a Good Receiver or Passer if you are Good at Diving for Balls

Occasionally, players dive for balls that don’t matter. When this happens, it is either the player is having fun (like playing phone casino) or playing for dramatics than to win for their team. The only thing in volleyball that can make you a good passer is your ability to pass the ball accurately to another player on your team whether they are standing still or carrying out a diving save. So it is your ability to direct passes accurately and not diving for balls that make you a good passer.

Volleyball is Easy to Play

The idea that volleyball is very easy to play is common among many. In truth, volleyball is a fun to play sports that is loved by both young and old, but that does not necessarily indicate that it is an easy game to play (especially when you have played it on a competitive level). Much like other sports, the more you engage in practice, the better you will become. Practicing your service, passing, and your set, as well as learning about the game’s rules are the primary things needed to aid anyone aspiring to play the sport become the best player they can be.

Only Tall Individuals Can Play the Sport

This same misconception is associated with playing basketball, and soccer (all goalkeepers in football must be tall). This is wrong because many athletes who are of average height have gone on to be successful in the sports mentioned earlier (even volleyball). In fact, while height is an advantage for some positions, it is not every position in volleyball or other sports that require it. The libero position (a defensive position), regularly features exciting and talented, yet shorter players.