It is important for volleyball players, just like any other players, to exercise regularly and observe the right diet as to maintain tiptop health and fitness. This will help them excel in their sport.

They also need to build muscle strength and keep a check on their weight. To supplement a healthy diet and a targeted workout, a volleyball player should consider taking dianabol which is an effective and safe steroid. Dianabol will promote muscle strength and growth for better performance on the volleyball pitch.

So, which workouts have you been missing from your volleyball training? Here are some possible ones:

Good mornings

This workout is carried out with two dumb-bells. It focuses on building the strength of the glutes and the thigh muscles. It also aids the player with performing vertical jumps, which are a significant part of a volleyball game.

How to do it? Stand while holding two dumb-bells with your knees bent a bit and your legs apart, the distance of the hips’ width. Having your palms facing you, hold the weights to the level of the shoulders. Without altering your knees’ bent position, bend at your waist lowering the upper trunk to almost being parallel to the floor. Do three sets of 10 reps for each workout session.

Lunge with a twist

This workout helps to strengthen the legs strong and stabilizes your ankles to minimize any injury risk. It also assists with training for single leg jumps. With eight reps on the left and eight on the right to make a set, 3 sets in a session will be enough.

Lateral lunge with a pass

This is good for developing faster side-to-side motions, and making the arms stronger to enhance digging and passing. It is recommended to do three sets of 20 reps during a session, taking 10 reps leftwards and 10 rightwards for each set.

Dumb-bell snatch

This is a good exercise for a triple extension, developing power and enhancing explosiveness. It is performed by holding a dumb-bell in one hand, then bending at the waist with legs apart and lifting the dumb-bell shoulder high as if snatching it. The same is then done with the other side. Doing three sets of eight reps per session would be good enough.

Dumb-bell pullover

This workout benefits the core and builds the strength of the upper body. It enhances the rhythmic transfer of power from the core to the upper part of the body. It also improves the overhead motions while playing volleyball. These movements include serving, setting among others. Making three sets of 12 reps is recommended.


There are other workouts for volleyball players that are often overlooked but would go a long way with improving the muscle strength and enhancing agility. Make sure that from time to time you vary your workouts with new exercises. This will help you avoid hitting a plateau, where you will have to work much harder before you continue deriving any benefit from your workouts.