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Team sports as volleyball need individual players to work as one organism to achieve success and overcome rivals. They need to cooperate and help each other on a playground to use every player’s strong side. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to unify a team, and most coaches fail with this task.

On average, teams in sports consist of individuals who want to take leadership and showcase their skills. Consequently, they underestimate the benefits of working with teammates and try to dominate games by themselves. In most cases, it leads to lost points as even a team that consists of weak players who work together is stronger than a skilled individual on a playground. If you’re a coach who wants to build a strong team, scroll down below and discover the top five tips to unify players.

Teach Players Play as Team

A coach has a lot of responsibilities. Teaching players how a team should work is one of them. Some individuals may lack knowledge on how team sports work and how they need to behave on the playground. You have to talk to your players constantly, guiding them on how they need to support each other to achieve the team’s goal. Regular lessons will add integrity to a team. For instance, if some players are overwhelmed with the “Who can write my college essay?” question, they will have a low performance. In such a case, other team players need to know that they should help their friends with homework, being a unified team.

Create Goals for Team

In most cases, players who dominate a game have their personal goals different from other players’ targets. They need to get leadership and become recognized as star players. However, they don’t focus on helping others earn points and win a game. Other players may desire to take a team’s leadership or have some fun, throwing a ball but not winning a game.

If you want to become a world-class coach who unifies a team of skilled individuals with different purposes of playing, you need to create a goal that will motivate all players to forget about their egos and play as a real team. Note, the goal to win a match may not be persuasive enough for players to forget about their personal motivation factors. You need to identify every person’s goals in your team and create a target to make all the players work together. For instance, offer the entire team the ability to get a bonus upon winning a championship. However, the prize will be divided among everyone equally only. In such a case, star players will focus on winning games but not showcasing great results.

Treat Everyone Equally

One of the primary mistakes of most coaches is that they encourage dominating players’ behavior and achievements. Such players may bring a lot of points to a team and lead it to success. Nevertheless, they increase the gap between players and eliminate the ability for a team to unify.

A successful coach should treat all team members equally. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to provide the same amount of playing time to everyone. You need to develop a system with solid standards and apply them equitably. You should punish and award players according to the rules and never cheat on your system. All players need to understand that they will get no privileges, even being the team’s best individual. It will help create a healthy environment for players’ growth and cooperation in a team.

Gain Team’s Chemistry Outside of Playground

In most cases, players have different lives and don’t communicate with each other outside the playground. If you have a team gathered from novices, you have to break the ice and help everyone pass some time together outside of athletics. Activities that help players spend time in a relaxed atmosphere and build close relationships will increase communication in a team. Consequently, they will interact with each other on a playground more often and benefit from playing as one team. Weekly gatherings for bowling, eating pizza, or volunteering are great examples of activities that unify a team outside of the playground.

Cultivate Positivity

If you want your team to get unified and achieve success, you should motivate players positively and create a friendly environment on the playground. When a coach always argues and shares negative vibes, all players act correspondingly. The key to successful team development is to spread positive energy and don’t focus on failures. You have to examine any possible professional issues and mistakes. However, you shouldn’t blame players for conducting them. Such behavior may decrease the desire of players to try unusual ways to overcome rivals.

Mistake To Avoid

One of the most widespread mistakes that coaches conduct is underestimating everything that happens outside the playground. Players have a lot of other responsibilities and problems that affect their lives. If someone says, “I need someone to make my essay to have enough time for training,” you should provide as much assistance as you can. Helping people cope with their problems will get a team of players who worry about nothing but beating rivals. Also, it will strengthen your connection that will positively affect further training.