Many benefits can be experienced from playing volleyball, whether it is played on the professional level or not. These benefits may be under the mental category or physical. Studies report that physical activities such as volleyball help develop the aspects of one’s well-being physically by 60%, emotionally by 10%, mentally by 20%, and socially by 10%. So now, get your training shoes and black volleyball knee pads ready because you will surely be wanting to try out volleyball after learning about some of the benefits.

Let’s start with the physical benefits. Multiple researches, in which a research by Harvard Medical School is included, have proven the probability of burning calories (ranging from 90 to 178) by running around. The count, of course, varies in accordance to the intensity of the movements and the length of time volleyball is played.

In addition to this, there is also an increase in metabolic rate. Another benefit is the improvement of health-related and fitness-related skills such as power, balance, muscle endurance, speed, agility, strength and many more.

But when the volleyball action intensifies, players could get themselves injured. They could hurt their knees from a fall while chasing the ball. Others could also hurt their knees by kneeling instead of diving to hit the volleyball ball.

It is for this reason that most players opt to wear volleyball knee pads. They are aware of the health risks that they constantly face whenever they are training and playing.

The pads protect the knees from getting scars and bruises and also provide cushions for the knees whenever they come in contact with the hard surface of an indoor court.

A volleyball player can choose to wear thick knee pads with cushions all around for better protection or he can use thinner knee pads without padding on the sides of the knees for better mobility.

Just as with other volleyball accessories, the knee pads have their share of advantages and disadvantages. A thorough study of the pros and cons of knee pads shows that safety is the main advantage while discomfort is the primary disadvantage. However, in this case, the pros clearly outweigh the cons because the safety of athletes is always the top priority.

Those who are skeptical of using knee pads would be glad to know that they can play volleyball safely and comfortably with VolleyCountry black volleyball knee pads. VolleyCountry takes pride in being able to merge functionality and comfort in its black volleyball knee pads.

The pads have padding that surrounds the knees, guaranteeing full protection. The pads are also crafted with soft and durable materials. Bamboo is among the innovative components of the black volleyball knee pads.

Mobility is not an issue because players can move around without difficulty while wearing the black volleyball knee pads. A thermal stabilizer is even installed into the black volleyball knee pads in order to keep the knees dry and warm.

Although nothing beats playing volleyball without any attachment such as knee pads, players ought to take precautions against injuries. They should prioritize protection over comfort because it is better to be safe than sorry. Luckily for volleyball players, they can play with ease and without worry when using VolleyCountry volleyball knee pads.

As mentioned before, volleyball also benefits the mind. One of these benefits is exercising one’s body coordination. Moreover, the strategies orchestrated for the games also aid the mind in striving for success naturally. Also, a room for improvement is always suggested by the sport.

Emotionally, players also benefit from volleyball. The aforementioned sport, as mentioned before, keeps the stress away. Also, the activity aids in producing endorphins, hormones that bring out a happier emotional state, at a faster rate. These events result to an evidently brighter, lighter, and happier mood. Plus, it boosts a player’s self-esteem, confidence, and motivation.

Lastly, the social aspect of one’s well-being cannot be left behind. Through the game of volleyball, cooperation and teamwork are exercised to their fullest nature.

After learning about the benefits of playing volleyball with knee pads, don’t you just want to get you team ready with your volley and your knee pads so you could experience the benefits yourself?

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