Black volleyball knee pads or white? Many players are asking themselves this question. Here are 4 crucial reasons why black knee pads are the right choice.

You know that the most important function of volleyball knee pads is to protect the knees. Players could bruise their knees as the game intensifies and they could also hit their knees on a hard surface. This is why they have to wear knee pads always.

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These pads will protect their knees from bruises and scars. Not only that, it will also cushion the knees when they hit a hard surface. Knee pads will reduce the impact. Unfortunately, some players prefer not to play without the knee pads because of discomfort.

Some knee pads really reduce their mobility and make them uncomfortable but safety should come before comfort.

Fortunately, there are several new knee pads that are well designed and they combine comfort with protection. You should also take into consideration the advantages of black volleyball knee pads over white knee pads or knee pads of other colors.

In other words, volleyball knee pads come in a wide variety of colors but black volleyball knee pads are the best for several reasons. These reasons have been outlined right below.

1. Durability

Black volleyball knee pads outlast knee pads of other colors. You know why? They don’t look dirty so you don’t get to wash or bleach them after every game. The white color is the worst in this regard. You have to wash and even bleach white knee pads after your every volleyball game or practice.

Each time you wash them, you make use of some detergent, bleaching liquid and a lot of water. Here is the bomb, each time you wash them you reduce the quality of the knee pads gradually. The quality will keep going down until they are no longer usable. But black knee pads do not look dirty and you can wash them after several games. You don’t even have to bleach them.

2. Versatility

Another advantage that black knee pads have over other colors is versatility. No matter the color of your volleyball jersey, black knee pads will go with it since black goes with the majority of colors.

3. Thermal stability

Black volleyball knee pads have more thermal stability than other colors. When you are playing in a cold weather, they can help to keep you warm and if you are playing in warm weather, quality black knee pads can keep you cool and dry with their wicking ability. They can absorb the sweat on and around your knees and distribute it evenly to the surface. So that it can evaporate and your knees will be kept cool and dry.

4. Popularity

When you want to buy volleyball knee pads one of the best options is to get them on Amazon. Much more people are searching for black volleyball knee pads than for white knee pads on Amazon. This is another reason. Black volleyball knee pads are more popular among volleyball players.

Black volleyball knee pads from VolleyCountry  are more comfortable than other knee pads. With them, you can move around without difficulties. If you are one of the volleyball players whose reason for shying away from knee pads is lack of comfort, you should try our black knee pads. They are much more comfortable and I guarantee you will love them.

But always remember, safety first! With any knee pads, you could sustain a knee injury that may keep you out of action for several months. No matter your reason, it is not advisable to play volleyball without knee pads.