Volleyball was always clean sport without doping. Do you need to use some steroids to be better volleyball player? Will it help you? Continue reading.


Steroids not only make you bigger, stronger and faster, but they make it so you can work out longer and recover faster, in theory giving you an edge over your competition. But there is a reason that we don’t see steroid scandals constantly breaking in our sport and in my opinion, the reason is that this type of cheating wouldn’t necessarily help.

steroid helpI see how it helps in other sports. Getting bigger would definitely help if you are a weightlifter or a football player. Massive strength would help if you were a shot putter or a home run hitter. Increased speed and explosiveness would help if you were a swimmer or a runner. And an inhumanly fast recovery rate would help for the endurance sports like marathons or the Tour de France.

But in volleyball, we’re not trying to be the first person over a line and our hitting success is not measured in distance. Volleyball is ultimately a game of skill and control. No amount of jumping high, running fast or hitting hard can result in an ability to work the block, control a dig or place the ball where they’re not. Only practice does that.

And finishing a volleyball match doesn’t require any great feat of endurance. Even a knock-down, drag-out five set match won’t take a well-trained player anywhere near his physical limit. Time outs, lots of starts and stops, substitutions and rally scoring make volleyball matches a test of consistency and concentration more than a test of endurance.

Some say steroids also help with hand-eye coordination, which might be moderately useful in volleyball. But scientists dispute it and even that would only get you in contact with the ball, it would not help you control it.

True, if you’re already a great player, jumping higher, hitting harder and reacting faster could give you a slight edge. But those minor benefits certainly don’t outweigh the major drawbacks like long-term health effects and getting banned from competition. In the end, it is just not worth it.

source: About.com Guide to Volleyball