It is necessary for almost all athletes and sportsmen/sportswomen to be in peak physical condition and volleyball players are not exempt from that rule either. Skilled, amateur volleyball players are transformed into professional athletes through a combination of proper diet, regular training and functional exercise. On that regard, it might be a good question to ask whether keto diets have anything to offer to these athletes. Let’s try and find an answer by going through the following points.

It Can Help to Shed Weight

It must be understood that there are various stages of development for an athlete, as well as there being various parts to his/her training. If the volleyball player is looking to shed some fat and get into better shape for increasing his/her maximum efficiency, a ketogenic diet can definitely help. It has been proven that when practiced properly and supplemented with adequate keto supplements, the high fat-low carb diet can actually help emerging athletes shed unnecessary fat, without losing any significant amount of muscle mass. On the other hand, you do need constant energy to play volleyball, so check out the aSquared Nutrition reviewto see how effective the 1000mg of raspberry ketones/ serving can be for providing a volleyball player with the bursts of energy which he/she needs during games. But the thing is that, in order to use those ketones, the athlete must be in ketosis already.

It’s Not a Good Idea All the Time

In spite of it being particularly beneficial at the initial stages when they are trying to lose fat and improve body composition, a ketogenic diet is not what a professional or even an intermediate level volleyball player should be on for long periods of time. To be at the peak levels of agility, power and speed during important games, they need more carbohydrates than a keto diet allows for. Therefore, while the keto diet can be beneficial at some stages of the player’s development and training, it is not a diet that is ideal for a volleyball player to be on while actually going out and representing the team. It doesn’t mean that you should give up on your keto diet completely, but at times, the carb intake will definitely need to be increased.

Some Studies Suggest that a Keto Diet May Not Have a Negative Impact on Performance

Although a lack of carbs may affect performance according to a lot of experts, some studies done on athletes have previously shown that once the athletes are already into ketosis where they are burning fat instead of carbs for energy, their performance is not affected by the extremely low carb intake. It is to be noted, that in terms of performance, the athletes did not show any improvements due to the diet either, although they lost more fat than others in the study who were not on the ketogenic diet. The loss of fat is of course an improvement in body composition, which may in the long run, lead to better performance.

After going through the aforementioned points, it can be concluded that volleyball players and other sports persons can indeed benefit from a keto diet as it improves their fat-to muscle ratio, but such a diet should only be practiced for short periods of time and preferably when there are no big games coming up soon.